This is how to get a 4% cashback on

As a Lunar Card holder, you'll receive a 4% cashback on accommodations at if you book and pay with your Lunar card. Always make reservations through the Lunar link.

Holiday Deals: Save 15% or more

In addition to the cashback, you also temporarily benefit from Holiday Deals. You will receive a minimum 15% discount on selected rooms and rates at participating properties. The Holiday Deals are seasonal and valid for stays according to the terms and conditions specified by Check out the deals through the Lunar link .

Favourable cancellation conditions offers flexible cancellation conditions. Many accommodations can be cancelled free of charge until shortly before departure.

How do you take advantage of the offer?

  • Log in to your Lunar App and click on the link
  • Search and choose your accommodation(s) and pay with your Lunar card

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Terms and conditions.

  • Only eligible if you book with your Lunar credit card.
  • Reservations are only eligible for Cashback through the Lunar link. Click here .
  • Save your Lunar credit card details under your account settings for your cash back payments.
  • A valid account is required to receive your cashback. The email on the account must be the same you used for your booking. Create your account after you have completed your reservation.
  • The offer can be combined with the Genius loyalty program.
  • Reward is only available on properties with the Cashback badge.
  • The final amount of your reward is based on 4% of the value of your booking. Certain taxes/fees may be excluded from this amount.
  • The Cashback discount cannot be applied to your booking after you have made your reservation.
  • You will receive your cashback at least 64 days after check-out.