Lunar Business

Denmark's lowest priced national business account

For a large number of entrepreneurs, getting a business account is more or less an impossible task. With us, that’s not the case. We’re making it easy for you to set up an account and manage your finances. All in one, you get a bank account, expense management, and company card meaning you’ll minimize routine work and grow faster.

All in one

You’ll get an all-in-one account to avoid having to use different providers for your bank activities, payments, and expenses. It’ll save you precious time that you can use on building up your business instead. And to get it in the right direction.

The lowest priced business account in Denmark

Finances shouldn’t be difficult. It shouldn’t be expensive, either. As we’re 100% digital without branches and their costs, we can provide you with the lowest-priced business account in Denmark.

Every other newly established company choose Lunar

“We want to allow every entrepreneur to bring their passion, idea, and dream to life. Getting a bank account should be easy. Managing your finances should too - enabling you to, without hassle, focus on the fundament of your business and growth. Because of that, we’re super pleased with the fact that every other newly established company applies for a Lunar business account.”

Jacob Faber, Head of Lunar Business. Numbers from Statistics Denmark, 2021.

Need more than one account? Get up to 3

Choose between Lunar Business Solo and Grow to get the package that fits your business. Get up to 3 accounts and use them for different types of expenses. For example, use one for representation, one for your taxes, and the other for expense management. By doing so, you’ll get the best overview possible.

Cards for all needs

Get up to 3 physical cards with personal laser engraving. Get company cards to avoid private outlays and manual paperwork. And get virtual cards if you prefer not to carry your physical cards around.

Fix your finances on the go

Carry your bank in your pockets wherever you go. Use Lunar Business from your phone, tablet, or computer. With our user-friendly design and cool features, fixing and managing your finances on the go has never been easier. Stress less  - be more efficient.

Connect with your private account

Do you have your private bank account in another bank? Connecting it to your Lunar Business account is easy. And when you do, you can see different accounts and transactions from your private account in your app. You can transfer money from your private account to your business account, too. Gather everything you have in one place and get the full overview.

Get help when you need it

We’re easy to get a hold of whenever you need help. We have a team of skilled supporters sitting ready to help you when you have the time. They won’t put down the phone before you’ve gotten the help you need. During weekdays, you can contact them until 23 O’clock. On the weekend and during holidays, they’re reachable until 17 O’clock.

How to get a Business account

  • 1

    Download Lunar

  • 2

    Apply for your business account directly from your app. You’ll be asked some questions. Among other things, we’re asking you about your business idea, starting capital and any partners.

  • 3

    Once approved, your account is ready for you in the app. Easy!