How to setup Lunar Online Payments with your Shopware webshop.

1. Install Lunar's payment plugin.

Go to:

Find the Assets section of the last release, and download the zip file called ‘LunarPayment’.

Upload the file to your Shopware admin, ‘Extensions’ > ‘My Extensions’.

Install the plugin.

Activate the plugin by pressing the switch, located in the left side of your screen.

2. Insert your Lunar ‘Public Key’ and ‘App Key’ into Shopware.

Go to the following path: ‘Shopware admin’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Extensions’ > ‘Lunar Payment’.

Log into your Lunar webportal, and copy your ‘Public Key’ and ‘App Key’.

To finish setup, insert your ‘Public Key’ and your ‘App Key’ into the respective fields in Shopware.

Before saving your changes, make sure that you have filled all other required fields.

If you have MobilePay with Lunar Online Payments: Remember to fill out the field called ‘Configuration ID’. You’ll find your configuration ID in your webportal.

3. Activate your new payment method.

Go to the following path: Shopware admin > Settings > Shop > Payment methods.

Find your Lunar payment solution and activate it.

Here, you can also change the name and description of the payment solution shown in the checkout by clicking ‘Edit Details’.

4. That’s it! Lunar is now integrated with your Shopware store.

Your Lunar payment solution is now fully integrated with your Shopwaree store, and you can start accepting customer payments.