Activate your payment solution.

How to set up Lunar’s payment solution in WooCommerce.

1. Install Lunar’s payment plugin.

Search for “Lunar” directly in the plugin database in WordPress and install the plugin. The name of the plugin is “Lunar Payments for WooCommerce”.

2. Copy your public key and your app key in Lunar.

After your first setup, your public code and app code will appear in Lunar under ‘Online Payments’. Find these two codes from the Lunar Web portal window under ‘Online Payments’ and copy them.

3. Insert your public key and app key in WooCommerce.

Now, you have to insert your public key and app key in the fields “Live Public Key” and “Live App Key” under the settings for the plugin (Go to WooCommerce → Settings → Checkout → Lunar). Before saving, you have to make sure “Enable Lunar” is activated and “Test mode” is deactivated.

4. Lunar is now integrated with your WooCommerce webshop.

Way to go! Lunar is now fully integrated with your WooCommerce webshop, and you now accept online payments from your customers.