How payouts work

Congratulations! You sold something.

But how do payouts work?

When you capture a transaction in your webshop, the payment will be visible on your Online Payments account. The payouts to your bank account will be done on a weekly basis.

Available balance

Your available balance is the amount that is due to be paid out from your Online Payments account to your payout-bank account. This amount is your total volume – i.e, with fees and reserves already deducted.

Reserve balance

Your reserve balance is your total balance minus your available balance.

Payout period

The payouts are done on a weekly basis, on Wednesdays, unless anything else is stipulated in the agreement between you and Lunar.

Set up your payout bank account

To set up a payout account insert your IBAN into the settings tab of your account.

If your Online Payments account currency is different to your payout bank account currency, we will automatically convert the amount.