Easy activation of Online Payments in Magento

1. Sign up for Online Payments

If you haven't done so already, sign up for Online Payments in the Lunar app, and then set up your account in the web portal here .

2. Install the Lunar payment plugin for Magento

Search for “Lunar Payment Gateway” on the Magento Marketplace or install the plugin by clicking here .

3. Copy your public key and app key

When you have signed up for Online Payments, your public key and app key will be visible in the Lunar web portal. Find and copy both keys.

4. Insert your public key and app key into Magento

Go to the admin panel of Magento, click on ‘System’ in the menu on the left-hand side, then choose ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Configuration’.

After this, click on ‘Sales’ and ‘Payment methods’ where you will see ‘Paylike’ on a list. In ‘Paylike’, find ‘Transaction mode’ and set this option to ‘Yes’. Now, insert your public key and your app key into the fields ‘Public Key’ and ‘App Key’, both of which you’ll find in ‘Settings’.

Click ‘Save config’ to save.

5. Online Payments is now integrated with your Magento webshop

You're all set. Lunar has now been set up on your website and you can start accepting payments.