Easy activation of Online Payments in OpenCart.

How to set up your payment plugin for OpenCart 2.3-3+

1. Register with Lunar.

If you haven't already signed up with Lunar, do so here.

2. Upload the payment plugin to your OpenCart 2.3-3+ website.

Download your OpenCart 2.3-3 plugin her e. Upload the zip file in your OpenCart backend.

3. Install the plugin.

Navigate to the Lunar plugin and install it.

4. Copy your public key and your app key.

Find and copy your public and app keys from the Lunar dashboard you installed in the previous step.

5. Insert your app key and your public key in OpenCart.

The last thing you have to do is insert your app key and your public key in the fields "Public Key" and "Secret key" under "settings" for the Lunar plugin.

6. You have now integrated Lunar with your OpenCart 2.3-3 store.

That's it! Lunar is fully integrated with your OpenCart 2.3-3+ store, and you can now accept payments.

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With Lunar Business, enjoy a payment solution that’s easy to set up. Whether it’s for OpenCart 2.3-3+ or any other such platform.