Shared Account

Are there limits for what the revenue may be on a shared account?

Yes, there is a limit of 50.000 DKK per day on a Shared Account. This limit is the same for both the account owner and the account members.

Who can create a shared account?

Only Premium and Pro-users can create a shared account.

Can I use the shared account as a business account?

No. Just as our other private accounts the shared account is only for private purposes.

What transactions can I see?

Anyone who is a part of the account can see all transactions and who made each transaction.

How many members can you share the account with?

The shared account can consist of 11 members in total. The owner of the account and 10 members.

How do I invite other Lunar users to my shared account?

The users can either create a new shared account or invite users to an already existing additional account.

Users can be invited by the sharing of an invitation link which will lead the user to an authentication form if the invited person is already a Lunar user. If the person is not a Lunar user, they will be directed to the App Store to register as a user first. Please note – the owner of the account does not have the opportunity to search for Lunar users. The invitation link for the account can be shared with existing Lunar users and non-existing Lunar users).

To ensure that outsiders cannot access an additional account, the account owner must approve all new members before they gain access to the account.

Can users under 18 create a shared account?

Users under 18 cannot create or share a shared account or own a shared account. Like standard users, they can only be a member of maximum one shared account.

Do my Goal rules apply to the transactions in the shared account?

No, your Goal rules only apply for transactions in your own private accounts.

What happens if the owner spends all the money?

The owner of the account is responsible for the account and initially owns all the deposits in the account.

What happens if a user who’s the owner of the account terminates his/her Premium- or Pro subscription?

If a user is the owner of one or more shared accounts, all members of the account will be exited and the shared account will transition to an additional account. An additional account without a Premium and Pro subscription cost 9 DKK. pr. month.


If you are a member of only one shared account, nothing will happen. As a standard user you can be a member of up ‘till one shared account.

Can you connect a Easy-Account to a shared account?

Only the owner of the account can link a Nem-Konto to the shared account - you have to be an owner of an account to connect your Easy-Account to Lunar.

Can you order a card for the shared account?

Yes. All members of a shared account can link a card to the shared account – one physical card and a virtual card per user per shared account.

The price of a card depends on the subscription you have.


If a standard user already has a physical card, then the user must pay to have an additional physical card for the shared account. If you happen to be a standard user and have not ordered a physical card yet, you will be able to connect your card to the shared account.


The owner of the account is able to see all cards that are linked to the shared account.

Can you leave the shared account?

You can always leave a shared account but be aware that your card linked to the shared account will be blocked.

How many shared accounts can I create?

All existing additional accounts can become a shared account, so there is no limit to the number of shared accounts for Premium and Pro - but you must pay for additional accounts if the number exceeds what is included in the subscription.

Who’s liable for overdrafts and fees?

The owner of the account is liable for all overdrafts and fees.

What options do I have as a member of a shared account?

·   You can transfer money to and from the shared account

·   You can make card payments with a physical or virtual card

·   You will have an overview of all transactions.


What options do I have as the owner of the account?


·   Invitation of members

·   Approval of members

· Removal of members – which will also block their linked card to the shared account.

Can I register a payment agreement to a shared account?

Yes, all members and the owner of the account can register payment agreements to the shared account.

What happens if the owner removes a member from an account and blocks the card?

As the owner of the shared account you can remove members from the account and the members are not entitled to the deposits.

How do I sign up for a shared account?

There are two options if you want to create a shared account

1. Tap the plus icon on the Homescreen and then ‘’create account’’. Under ‘’create account’’ you can choose whether it should be a shared account or a normal private account.

2. You can also create a shared account by sharing an already existing additional account by pressing ‘’invite’’ under ‘’details’’ on the existing account.

Who’s responsible for the account?

The user who created the account will be considered as the owner and will therefore be liable for any overdraft and fees that might occur.