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After the summer 2022, MitID will replace NemID and become the new tool for identification, approving payments and signing documents. This is due to safety reasons, which means you have to switch to MitID if you wish to continue using Lunar.

How to switch to MitID:

  • Create MitID login on and download the MitID app on your phone
  • Go to your Lunar app and create a new login
  • Select 'Already a user, login'
  • Select MitID as your login choice
  • Enter user-ID
  • Approve this in the MitID app
  • Log in to Lunar (in the MitID app)
  • You will now be directed back to the Lunar app
  • The first time you have to confirm your identity in the Lunar app with your CPR number. You have 3 attempts to succeed
  • Then you type in your password and you have migrated to MitID