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How does it work?

To become a part of Project Blue you have to go to “Products” and find Project Blue, where you can join the project. You choose a per mill rate (it can span from 1-5 per mille, which corresponds to a contribution of 1-5 DKK pr. 1000 DKK of the card transaction), which will be added to the value of the card transaction that you wish to contribute with Project Blue. Furthermore Lunar will donate 2% of your contribution, which will be added to your donation. This allows us to contribute to cleaning the oceans around us from plastic and garbage, together.

You have the option to follow the effect of both your donation and the total donation across Lunar. Our calculations of contributions are based on estimates we have gathered from our partners at Seabin Project. These estimates are constantly being evaluated as more data from Seabins in the Nordics will become available.

The total effect of the contribution we be shown as follows:

  • Litres of water cleaned
  • Kilos of plastic removed from the ocean
  • Number of food packaging pieces removed from the ocean