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Get a glimpse into the life at Lunar. In here, you’ll feel the atmosphere that we’ve created through an awesome culture, state-of-the-art surroundings, and next-level health initiatives.

The Lunar DNA

Let's dive into life at Lunar.
Get to know how we operate daily and how our DNA is reflected in every corner of the organization.

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Tech is in our DNA

Lunar is rooted in tech. We utilize the newest technology and are at the forefront of all things digital. So don’t worry, if your computer freezes. Nobody's gonna ask if you've tried turning it on and off.

Be on a mission with your squad

Great minds think alike. But it’s the diversity that creates the products of tomorrow. That’s why we operate in cross-functional squads in Lunar. Each one of them is responsible for their mission. Take ownership and seize the day.

Be the king of your territory

If you take ownership of your work it’ll help you grow professionally. Full control of your work is key to staying motivated. That’s why we allow you to choose how to structure your workday.

State of the art surroundings

Creativity only blossoms in the right conditions. That’s why our offices are bright and beaming with life. They’re located in the heart of Aarhus, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm. All of them are filled to the brim with social hubs for you and your colleagues to work, focus, and play.

  • We inhabit an autonomous environment, so you can take full control of your territory.

  • We empower you to achieve the unachievable.

  • We’re rooted in tech - that’s our core.

The sky's the limit

You’ve heard it before, but we really mean it -  sky's the limit. In Lunar, you’re the one setting the bar! There are no limitations to your creativity and ambitions. Aim for the stars and you’ll be fueled for success. In our offices, there’s simply less gravity.

We think BIG

In Lunar, you'll do what no one has done before. We’re daredevils and boundary breakers and that’s reflected within the entire organization.

Passionate is an understatement

We're passionate by nature. We’re driven by the urge to climb the highest mountains just to skydive and do it all over again. We’re creating the standards of tomorrow and we’re doing it with flair!

No dresscode

Come as you are. At Lunar, you can wear whatever makes you feel good. Comfort is empowering and that’s why you can rock your favorite apparel. All-day every day!


We push the limits and strive to do the impossible. In other words, we’re super ambitious, but at the same time, we make time to play and socialize with each other.

Work with great people

We’re a social organization! Working together with brilliant and skilled people is a given thing, but don't worry. Whenever there’s a break, these masterminds can also have fun!

Bonds that go beyond work

Your calendar might be full of meetings, but we make sure you’ll get the room for yoga - or a CrossFit session. You’ll be offered sporting events, board games, even cake clubs. There’s something for everyone - you decide.

Life at Lunar

In Lunar, you have the opportunity to be you. This is your playground and you define what's possible.

Want to be a part of Lunar?

Secure your seat belt in the ride called Lunar. Become a part of something bigger with the rest of us. Lean forward and reach out to us - we can’t wait to get to know you better!

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