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We're on a mission to pioneering how we all engage and thrive with money. The road ahead will be thrilling, demanding, and filled with challenges and triumphs - best part, we're doing it together. It's a story worth sharing with your grandkids. Will you reserve a seat for the future of banking?

Picture this: you’re part of changing the banking industry.

We're a force of 500-ish strong, gathering daily in our Lunar strongholds to revolutionize the very essence of banking. Fed up with old norms and terrible user experiences, we refuse to settle.

Every Lunar team member brings a unique skill to the table, and that’s our winning ticket to becoming the best everyday bank in the Nordics.

Join us for a dynamic blend of social happenings, tech-first ethos, and high ambitions. Experience collaborative projects, great food, workouts, and lively conversations - all fueled by banging coffee. It may seem routine, but trust us, there's nothing ordinary about life at Lunar.

Who we are.

The Combo

Are we a tech company or a bank? Well, we're both, breaking free from the usual categories. At Lunar, tech isn't just a cool add-on; it's the core of how we do things.

Our own banking license? That's our pass to go head-to-head with the traditional banks. What sets us apart is the mix of tech and financial services, giving us the power to shake up a dusty industry.

The Vibe

We're all about the vibe – the culture, the people, the atmosphere, and the gear we hook everyone up with. When you work closely with talented folks, it's a growth journey where we all shine bright together.

The Startup

Startups are all about shaking things up, being in a spot where you can really make a difference, and where big ambitions are the name of the game. It's a world where ownership and responsibility play crucial roles in the way things work.

See for yourself.

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