Banking Services

Inhouse Payment Teams.

As an inhouse payments team, for example in a large enterprise or marketplace, our Banking Services platform enables you to optimise transactions flows for your business, and create a better experience for your customers.

You will enable your business to make faster settlements and payouts, and offer your customers the opportunity to pay in local currencies.

Partnering with Lunar offers a unique opportunity to integrate with one platform for the Nordics, without the need to rely on multiple banking partners.

Benefits for Inhouse Payment Teams.

One Nordic banking partner.

Get full access to the Nordics through Lunar instead of dealing with multiple bank relationships across each market.

Fast Nordic payments.

Enable faster payments, settlements and payouts in the Nordics for you and your customers by accessing instant- and intraday clearing rails.

Pay in local currencies.

Provide your customers with the opportunity to pay for products or services in the locally preferred currencies DKK, SEK, NOK & EUR.

Integrate fast and seamlessly.

Our industry leading tech & APIs enable quick integration to our platform, making it easy to switch out your current bank partner or enter the Nordic market.

Cost-efficient payments.

Optimise your transactions and FX costs with attractive prices through local payment rails.

The core components of our Banking Services Platform.

Bank accounts in DKK, NOK & SEK.

Instant payment transfers in DK.

Intraday payment transfers in SE & NO.

Local FX conversion between accounts.

EUR accounts & international payment transfers via SWIFT & SEPA.

Tailored dashboard to your set-up.