What is Lunar?


Lunar is built for the future and anyone using us. That’s why we’re both a technology company, a bank, and a payment company. In other words, with us, you have anything you need for your money - right at your fingertips. With Lunar, you’re getting a new way to save up, spend money, and invest them, too. And that goes for both you as an individual and your company.

400.000 users across the Nordic contries

We’re a regulated and independent licensed bank. Your money is protected by the deposit guarantee, too. In other words, they're safe with us.

More than 400,000 people and businesses across Denmark, Sweden, and Norway have joined Lunar already. Our headquarters is located in Aarhus, and we have offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo.

Take back control of your money

We’ve built up a company from scratch. A company, that fits the life you live. Among other things, it means we’re not tied up by old systems and traditional ways of thinking. For example, we don’t have any branches, advisors, or meaningless fees.

We’re an entirely new way of being a bank where we’re giving back control of your money. We're giving you back that control with the use of technology, fair prices, and transparent terms that are easy to understand.

We are Lunar

Today, in the Lunar team, we’re more than 450 employees spread across the Nordic countries. We all share and work according to one goal: To make sure you’re getting back control of your money.

And to give you everything you need to manage them smarter, better, and faster.


  • Financial health

    Our core mission is to help you manage your money smarter, easier and faster. It’s your money and the control lies in your hands. The way we’ll help you get that control is by the use of technology in our app.

    The Lunar app is designed to give you a full financial overview. When you have that, it's easier to make your money go further.

  • Social print

    We’ve teamed up with the non-profit Project Seabin who has developed a trash bin for the sea. Together we clean the oceans in the Nordics every time you swipe your card.

    We’re also on a zero-waste mission in our offices. So when you enter one of them, you'll notice how everything from carpets to curtains, room dividers, and furniture is made from recycled plastic and circular materials.

  • Our conscience

    In Lunar, we don’t use your money for speculation. Or our own for that matter. Furthermore, we don't invest your money in oil, gas, weapons, or countries violating human rights. We don't speculate at all and we don't support any political parties, either.

  • Making health matter

    We want to create an organization where we take the banking experience to the next level - and where we make sure our employees thrive getting there.

    That’s why we're continuously measuring the well-being of the entire organization. Furthermore, we use training, yoga, and meditation to make our employees are in balance. We call that Next Level work life.

  • 400 k+


  • 400 +


  • 2.3 + B.

    kr. Received in funding


  • 2015

    Founded in 2015

    Lunar was founded in Denmark with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and the will to use technology to change the way to think about and spend money.

  • 2018/19

    Welcomes users from Sweden and Norway

    In 2018 and 2019, Lunar became a Scandinavian banking app with offices in Stockholm and Oslo making it possible for Swedes and Norwegians to manage their finances.

  • 2018

    Launches Lunar Business

    In 2018, Lunar launched its first business banking account making it easier and faster for entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses.

  • 2019

    European banking license

    In 2019, Lunar obtained a European banking license from the Danish FSA enabling us to build a new bank from scratch with the products our users want.

  • 2020

    Reached 200,000 users

    In October 2020, we reached 200,000 users of our app

  • 2021

    Raised more than €345m in capital

    Lunar is supported by a range of Nordic and international investors. In total, Lunar has raised more than €345m in funding to build our company.

  • Today

    400.000 users and counting

    In 2021, more than 400,000 people are using Lunar to save, spend, invest or grow their businesses.

Who is behind Lunar?

Lunar was founded in 2015 by a group of tech entrepreneurs wanting to rethink banking, payments, and investments. Our investors count HEARTLAND, Kinnevik, Tencent, Seed Capital, Augustinus Fabrikker, and Greyhound Capital.