Department purpose

In the Legal team, we work across the entire Lunar organization with the main task of providing legal guidance and counsel - from the launch of new products to entering new markets.

We ensure that Lunar as a business is conducted legally in everything we do - whether it’s providing new insights into regulations around financial crime prevention or supporting decisions that impact our development.

How we work

In the legal team, we’re proactive people. Daily, we search the entire organization to find even the smallest troublesome aspects. And we thrive on doing it! We’re bound by a judicial regulatory system, and we’re obligated to act accordingly. In other words, we act expertly within our domain.

However, we still explore possibilities to improve every aspect of the Lunar experience.

The perfect match

You love immersing yourself into complex cases and are motivated by achieving perfection. You’re a thorough, wandering law encyclopedia, that takes pride in maintaining the highest legal standards. Most importantly, you can apply your knowledge to find the best solution that drives Lunar forward.