Avoid negative interest


When building up your business, you have plenty of expenses to deal with. Negative interest rates are probably the last thing you want to spend money on. With us, you don’t have to for up to 10 mil. DKK.

Running your business has never been easier

We support entrepreneurs and we want to help you whenever and wherever we can. That’s why you don’t have to pay negative interest rates on up to 10 mil. DKK in your Lunar Business account. This applies to Solo and Grow users.

With a higher rate cap, it’s easier for you to run your business.

So there’s no negative interest?

As an entrepreneur, start-up capital is very important. That’s why you only start to pay a negative rate after you’ve reached 10 mil. DKK. And when you do, the negative rate isn’t more than 0.6%.

Denmark’s most affordable business account

The high rate cap isn’t the only great thing about having Lunar Business. It’s also the most affordable business account in Denmark (Samlino, 2021).

To get started, simply create your account in the Lunar app. From here, you can manage all your business finances. It couldn’t be easier.

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