Get at least 50% discount on Billy,, IVN, and Salary with Lunar Business.

Save more than 17.500 kr. with Lunar Business

Accounting, stock management, contracts, and other routine work can steal your time when you’re an entrepreneur and business owner. With Lunar Business you can save over 17.500 kr. in total on some of the best services that’ll give you your time back by automating your work procedures.


  • Billy: 50% the first 6 months

    Billy is an accounting software for anyone who wants to manage their accounting quickly and efficiently and have the time to focus on their business instead. With Billy, you get a simple tool that’ll save you time from manual bookkeeping by automating your tedious bookkeeping tasks.

  • Shopbox: First 3 months for free

    With Shopbox, you get a POS system that gathers all your payments, data, and inventory in one place. At the same time, the POS system can integrate with your accounting system and much more. Shopbox provides you with a complete overview of your business.

  • Salary: 50% the first year

    Salary is the easy choice when it’s time to run your payroll. With Salary, the payroll process is cut to the core and automated meaning you’ll avoid errors and save time on manual keying.

  • First 3 months for free

    IVN is a benefit club that helps entrepreneurs achieve success and meet growth goals. The club originates out of the Facebook group “Iværksætter Netværk” and offers you discounts, consultancy on financial, legal, and entrepreneurial challenges, and gives you access to a big knowledge base.

  • Meneto: Save 1.000 DKK the first year

    Meneto is a digital all-inclusive accounting solution that takes care of your booking, VAT, taxes, and annual report for a fixed monthly price. Leave your accounting to Meneto and have fewer worries about VAT and tax deductions - and get more time to grow your business.

  • Get domain and Explorer Hosting for free

    With, you’ll get all the help you need to build up your website. You’ll get the best tools to build the website yourself, web hosting, and personal email all in one package, so it’s easy for you to be online with your business.

  • Contractbook: Up to 83% discount on subscriptions

    Contractbook is a platform that helps you manage contracts in your company. Handle every contract in Contractbook - from draft to signature - to save time and avoid errors.

  • Stripe: 148.700 DKK (€20,000) in fee-free card processing

    Stripe is the simple choice when you want to start using online payment in your company. With Stripe you’ll get all the software you need to receive payments and build your business online.

  • Indkøbsnetværket: Free membership

    By being a member of Indkøbsnetværket you’ll be able to achieve time savings and lower purchase prices with your suppliers. You’ll get free access to 35 supplier deals giving you up to a 30 % discount on fuel, electricity, office supplies, IT, insurance, among other things.

  • Co*nect Insurance: Get an insurance checkup

    Book a meeting with independent insurance consultants from CO*NECT and get a customized insurance offer. Compare this with your current insurance to ensure you have the best and cheapest insurance solution for your business. Co*nect has more than 30 years of experience within insurance.

  • Legal desk: 20% discount

    Don’t you have a CVR number yet? Save the hassle and let Legal Desk create it for you. Getting help from Legal Desk won’t take you any longer than 15 minutes, and you’ll have your CVR number within 24-48 hours.


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