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Different plans for different needs.

From smart money management to positive interest rates, travel benefits and even a metal card. Get an award-winning digital bank with fair prices and accounts for different everyday needs.

We've got four plans on offer, each designed to make managing your finances simple and prices more transparent. Find your plan here.

  • No hidden fees.
  • Positive interest rates with all four plans.
  • Flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your plan.
  • No hidden fees. Positive interest rates with all four plans. Flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your plan.
  • Compare plans.

    Choose from four different plans. No hidden fees – only fair, transparent prices.

    Most popularPlus

    Account and Card

    Bank accounts
    Digital card in colour of choice
    Physical Visa card
    1 (59 DKK delivery fee)
    3 (incl. metal card)
    Metal card with personal laser engraving
    Joint account
    Create and join
    Create and join
    Create and join
    Free card payments in Denmark
    Notification when you use your card
    Contactless payments
    Pay with your smartphone
    Choose your own PIN code
    Split your payments
    Free Betalingsservice
    Link other banks to Lunar
    International transfers
    Free replacement card
    99 DKK
    Free outgoing transfers
    Exclusive benefits
    Remove plastic from the ocean with your Lunar card

    Interest rate

    Positive interest on your accounts
    Savings account with positive interest for 6 months
    Savings account with positive interest for 1 year
    Savings account with positive interest for 3 years

    Savings and Budgeting

    Create a budget
    Create your own spend categories
    Overview of your subscriptions
    Create a savings goal
    Save up when you use your card
    Save up with automatic transfers


    Easy investment platform
    Tax savings account
    Buy and sell crypto with Lunar Block
    Price for buying and selling crypto with Lunar Block

    Travel Benefits and Insurance

    No withdrawal or currency exchange fees
    Personal travel insurance from Tryg
    More inclusive insurance
    More inclusive travel insurance — covers your family
    Luggage insurance from Tryg

    Your safety

    Your money is covered by the Danish Guarantee Fund
    Security with 2 factor authentication
    The security code on your digital card with be updated every hour

    100% transparent prices.

    Once you've chosen your plan, you’ll pay a fixed monthly fee.

    This makes it easy to see what you’re paying, and what you’re getting for your money, with no unexpected hidden fees.

    With Lunar, you’ll get fair, transparent prices – and we're very open about them all.

    Want a complete overview of prices? Check out our detailed price list.

    15-17 years old.

    If you are between 15 and 17 years old, you can get your own Lunar account with a stylish black Visa debit card. The account is free, and it's up to you whether you want to use it for, for example, salary, pocket money or savings.

    Together with the account, you get our award-winning banking app with tools that make it easy to manage your money.

    Do you need help? Reach us until 23:00.

    We’re here to help you outside of normal working hours. Get Danish or English-speaking support until 23:00 on weekdays and 17:00 on weekends and public holidays.

    Just call or write to us via the app.