With Lunar Business Grow you get a cyber insurance and a business travel insurance. So you’re covered against cyber attacks and when you’re travelling.

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“That’s never going to happen to me” is how at lot of entrepreneurs think about cyber attacks. Newsflash, it can happen to you too, and when it does, it’ll cost you.

Even if you’re secured, there’s still a high risk that hackers will break into your accounts and take your money and client data. If this happens, your business will be in great danger, and you’ll need help quickly. Don’t fret. Cyber insurance is now a part of Lunar Business Grow and has your back in case of cyber attacks.

In addition to cyber insurance, Lunar Business Grow users are now also covered by travel insurance from Tryg. For whenever and wherever you travel, whether for business or pleasure.

What you'll get with cyber insurance

Cyber Attack insurance

The insurance covers any direct loss of money or obligations for up to 4,000,000 DKK. It applies to both wholly-owned companies and subsidiaries.

Help from Cyber Risk Management

If you have expenses related to cyber risk management, such as IT counselling, financial counselling or costs from blackmail, the insurance will cover these for up to 1,000,000 DKK.

Different types of cyber attacks

Cyber insurance covers any form of cyber attack you may experience, including hacking and phishing.

Everyone is covered

The insurance covers everyone in your company who have management access to the company’s bank accounts.

What you'll get with travel insurance

Coverage all over the world

You, your partner and your children (under 23 years old) are covered on all business trips and family holidays. The insurance covers you all over the world and for trips of a maximum of 60 days.


If your trip is canceled due to valid reasons, the insurance will cover expenses for up to 60,000 DKK. Valid reasons include acute illness, injuries and death.

Acute diseases, injuries, and dental issues

If you become acutely ill or are severely injured during your trip, the insurance covers the necessary medical expenses. The insurance covers 10,000 DKK of dental bills.

Travel accidents

The insurance covers permanent injuries caused by accident for a maximum of 1,000,000 DKK. This applies to one person. If death occurs, insurance covers up to 1,000,000 DKK per person. For children under the age of 18, the cover amount is 10,000 DKK.

Damages and personal injuries

The insurance covers you for up to 5,000,000 DKK per personal injury. Property damage is covered for up to 2,000,000 DKK.

Flight and baggage delay

If your flight is more than four hours delayed, every person travelling is covered for a total of 7,500 DKK. For baggage delay, the cover amount is 7,000 DKK.

Legal expenses

When in need of legal assistance, the insurance covers up to 125,000 DKK. The insurance excess is 10%, but a minimum of 2,500 DKK in expenses.

Legal assistance and crisis counselling

You’ll receive legal assistance and crisis counselling wherever you are, or you can get counselling when you’ve returned home.

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