Automated payments


Processing payments—whether you’re the one paying or receiving the money—is a big part of your everyday life as a business owner. With Lunar, you can put them on autopilot and avoid manual paperwork, late payments and time-consuming payroll processes. The result? More time to spend running your business the way you want to.

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Scan and pay

With Lunar Business, paying your bills has never been easier. You can do it directly in the app or on the web version.

All you need to do is take a picture of your bill, scan it and then pay with a swipe. That’s all!

If you're doing business abroad, you can make and receive international transfers directly from the app.

Put your payments on autopilot

  • Leave the process of paying your bills to Direct Debit (Betalingsservice). This way, you avoid typing errors and having to spend time paying your bills manually.
  • Automate your incoming payments with Leverandørsservice. By doing so, you make sure you receive payments from your customers on time and it’ll give you a better cash flow.
  • Do your payroll automatically with Overførselsservice, paying salary has never been easier.

Fast payments with MobilePay and MyShop

Receive payments with MobilePay MyShop and MobilePay Online to make the purchasing process easier for your customers.

It makes it easier for you too, as you don’t need any extra equipment such as an expensive payment terminal. As soon as the MobilePay payment is completed, the money goes into your accounts.

Keep track of what your team purchases

See and control the payments and transfers made by your employees. Set spending limits for every team member and you’ll always have the full overview.