Enjoy 25% off Dinero Pro for your first 12 months when you sign up via Lunar.

Save time and money when doing your accounting with Dinero

With Lunar Business you can save 25% on your first year’s subscription with Dinero Pro – and make your daily bookkeeping quicker and easier. With access to innovative and automated functions that will save you time on manual work, you’ll be able to focus more on your business.

Save 25% on Dinero Pro

With Lunar Business you can save 25% on your Dinero Pro subscription for the first year – equivalent to 891 DKK (meaning you’ll pay 2,673 DKK instead of 3,564 DKK).

And if you currently use a different accounting programme, you can switch to Dinero Pro free of charge - Dinero can even help you.

Integrate Dinero with Lunar Business

Why spend a lot of time on accounting? Link your business account to Dinero and your receipts, expenses and purchase data will be automatically synchronised and added to your Dinero account.

Get Lunar Business and join 15,000 other users

  • Made for people who are self-employed
  • Affordable business account for self-employed
  • Up to 3 accounts
  • Easy digital sign-up
  • Automatic book keeping
  • Choose between two subscriptions – Solo or Grow


When you have signed up Lunar Business, you can then access the Dinero Pro discount right away.

  • This offer is only available for new Dinero Pro users who haven’t had a Dinero Pro subscription before
  • You need to be a Lunar Business user to access the discount
  • This offer is only valid when you sign up using your Lunar card
  • This offer is only valid via the link in the Lunar app
  • The offer can’t be combined with other offers and can only be used once per user

Find all terms and conditions for using Dinero here & here


  • 1

    Download Lunar and choose between Solo or Grow

  • 2

    Go to the ‘Products’ tab in your Lunar app and click ‘Benefits’. Choose Dinero Pro and access the offer via the link.

  • 3

    When you have signed up to Dinero Pro via the Lunar link, you will automatically receive a 25% discount on your first year’s subscription.

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