Get 1,000 DKK and give a 25% discount.
Invite a friend to Lunar Business.

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If your friend applies for a Lunar Business account before 31/7/24 and is approved, you'll receive 1,000 DKK and your friend will save 25% for their first year.

Terms and conditions:

To receive 1,000 DKK and give your friend a 25% discount for Lunar Business, your friend must be +18 years old and have a CVR number. Your friend must apply for a business account by July 31, 2024. Approval of your friend's application is a requirement. Once all criteria are met, we’ll transfer 1,000 DKK to your Lunar account and provide your friend with a 25% discount for 12 months. We’ll deposit the money into your account by the 10th banking day of the following month. You can claim the offer up to 5 times. Lunar does not encourage you to promote the code online. Instead, share it verbally. The 1,000 DKK is subject to taxation, and Lunar will report the payout to the tax authorities. We reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any time in case of suspect of abuse of the offer.