Safe online shopping

It’s important to keep your customers safe when they shop online – whether it’s before, during, or after they have made a payment.

Online payments must be authorised

Customers who shop online using your payment solution need to authorise their card payments before they will be confirmed. This is due to stricter EU rules regarding online commerce designed to reduce the risk of cards being misused.

Customers must authorise online card payments using either their:

  • MitID app
  • A personal password plus SMS access code.

If the customer does not have at least one of these options ready when they want to pay, the purchase will likely not go through.

Note: Online payments cannot yet be authorised with the MitID code viewer or MitID code reader. It is also no longer possible to use NemID.

Personal password for online shopping

When paying online with Visa/Dankort, your customers may need a personal password to authorise payments.

For example, if a customer uses their card to pay for in-app purchases – such as games, clothes, or groceries – they cannot use MitID to authorise the payment. Instead, they must use a personal password and SMS access code.


How do I receive online payments?

A payment system consists of a payment gateway and card redeemer. Together, these two solutions enable online payments in your webshop. In addition, the technical platform for the solution is provided by a payment provider.

What’s more, with Online Payments, you’ll get both your payment gateway and card redeemer.

Learn more: What is a payment solution?

What cards and payment methods can I accept?

You can accept the following popular payment methods:

  • Visa
  • Visa/Dankort
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Other card types such as Visa Electron/Mastercard debit and corporate cards
  • MobilePay (requires separate set-up)

You can also offer your customers secure payment with Mastercard ID Check and Visa Secure.

And that's just the beginning – we're always opening more payment methods.

Last updated April 19, 2023. We’ve collected general information. Please note, that there may be specific circumstances that you and your business need to be aware of.