Six accounts, travel benefits, an award-winning banking app and +2.00% interest. Plus is for you if you want to make your life easier when you're on the move.

  • Apply for your account directly from your mobile phone.

  • +2.00% interest on all the money in your accounts. The interest rate is variable.

  • Danish and English-speaking support until 23:00 on weekdays and 17:00 on weekends.

6 accounts. For a detailed overview of your spending.

The more accounts – the more detailed your financial overview. With Plus, you'll get six accounts that you can use for whatever you like.

That could mean separate accounts for your salary, travel, budgeting, food, gifts, or unforeseen expenses.

The only limit is your imagination.

Award-winning banking app - managing your money the smart way.

Whether at home or abroad, our award-winning banking app will help you manage your money the smart way so you can make taking care of finances easy.

With Plus, you’ll also get full access to all the Lunar app features. So you can create different budgets, get notified on any account movement, save automatically when you use your Visa card – and much more.

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Travel benefits wherever you go.

New York, Naples, or New Delhi? Whatever your destination, you're covered.

With Plus, you’ll get worldwide travel insurance from Tryg, and we won’t charge any withdrawal or exchange fees when you use your Visa card.

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+2.00% interest on all the money in your accounts.

You’ll get +2.00% interest on your Plus accounts. The interest rate is variable.

You can also opt for an interest savings account with up to +2,75% interest, depending on whether you bind your money for 6 months, 1 year, or 3 years.

Your money is also covered by the Guarantee Fund up to 100,000 EUR (approx. 750,000 DKK).

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3 physical cards and 6 digital cards.

More accounts – and more cards.

With Plus, you get three physical cards and six digital cards, and you can add all of them to Apple Pay or Google Pay. So you can pay with your mobile phone at home and when you’re travelling.

Joint account – share your economy with up to 10 others.

With Plus, you can create and share a joint account with up to 10 people. Share it with your partner, family, or friends.

The account is for you if you want to avoid the hassle of splitting bills and getting into arguments about who should pay for what.

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Need some help? Reach us until 23:00

We’re here to help you outside of normal working hours. Get Danish or English-speaking support and reach us until 23:00 on weekdays and 17:00 on weekends and public holidays.

Just call or write to us via the app.

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Compare Plus to other plans.

Choose between our four different plans. No hidden fees - just fair, transparent prices.

How to apply for your account

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    Download Lunar for free from App Store or Google Play.

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    Apply directly from the app in minutes.

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    Within a few days, we'll give you an answer to your application.

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