Invest the easy and affordable way.

With Invest in the Lunar app, you don't need to be an expert or have a lot of money to invest, and it only takes a few minutes to get started. Invest in stocks or ETFs and make your money grow.

  • Get started in minutes, no expertise needed.
  • Buy at a low trading price.
  • Invest securely in stocks or ETFs.

Get started in minutes, no expertise needed.

Do you want to invest in stocks - without investing all of your time? If so, Invest is perfect for you. Sign up directly in the Lunar app, and get started in a matter of minutes - even if you don’t know anything about stocks to begin with.

You’re getting a user friendly and simple investment platform written in a language everyone can understand. Follow stocks in the app, and get to know them before you choose. Buy your stock with a single swipe, and you’ll be a co-owner of a business in no time.

Buy at a low trading price.

You don’t need to be rich to invest. At Lunar you can buy stocks in all price classes, and we have a fixed low trading price of 19 DKK for trades up to 50,000 DKK. For trades over 50,000 DKK, the trading price is 0.1% of the trade cost.

We have no minimum limit on how much you have to buy.

Invest safely with Saxo Bank.

When you invest with Lunar, your investment goes via Saxo Bank. In other words, when you start investing with Lunar, you automatically get an investment account at Saxo Bank, but you control everything in the Lunar app.

As Saxo Bank is fully licensed to trade and invest your money and they have to fulfil a number of legal requirements. You’re in safe hands.

Why you should invest.

When your money is just sitting around in your bank account it can lose value due to inflation and negative interest. Investing your money is a good way to counter this and make money from your money.

Historically speaking, it's also a good idea to invest. In the last 49 years, the stock market has risen by approximately 8% per year. The sooner you begin investing, the better.

For example, if you’d invested 500 DKK in the S&O 500-index each month from the start of 2016 until the end of 2020, in five years, it would’ve become 42,700 DKK, with compound interest. That's an annual return of 8.5% and 42.5% or 12,700 DKK over 5 years.

Invest in what you care about.

Are you hooked on Nike, Netflix, sustainability, or tech? No matter what you’re passionate about owning a piece of, we’ve got the stock for it. Choose between 350 different stocks and ETFs.

Invest in exactly what makes sense to you. Because it’s when you invest in what you understand that you get the most out of your investment.

Spread out your risk with an ETF.

As well as stocks, you can also invest in EFTs. An EFT is a group of stocks put together for you. Many people choose ETFs when they’re new to investing.

With ETFs, you don't have to choose just one stock, and you spread out your risk because your investment is spread out over several companies. But remember, there's always a risk when you invest—also with ETFs.

Get a stock savings account and save on taxes.

With Invest, you can get a stock savings account with tax benefits. When you invest, you usually have to pay either 27% or 42% tax on the return on your shares, depending on the size of the return. With a stock savings account, you only have to pay 17%.

Lots of benefits:

  • It’s free to get your stock savings account.
  • Lower tax. Tax will be 17% of the return on the stock savings account. The return is calculated according to “lagerprincippet” at the end of the year.
  • You can deposit up to 135,900 DKK.
  • We manage the reporting to Skat for you.

With Invest you can...

  • Invest your money easily
  • Buy stocks in your favourite brands
  • Pay a low and transparent trading fee
  • Invest as little or as much money as you like
  • Get an automated tax report

Get started with Invest.

  • 1

    Get Lunar for free

    Download Lunar and get a free account, a digital card, and an award-winning banking app (named by e-handelsprisen as "Best e-commerce app" in 2022).

  • 2

    Sign up for Invest

    Once you’re a Lunar user, sign up for Invest in the app. Technically, you’ll create an investment account at Saxo Bank, but you'll control everything in the Lunar app: a simple and user-friendly investment platform in a language you understand.

  • 3

    Swipe to make your first trade

    Find the stocks, index funds, or EFTs you want to invest in, swipe and voila! Now you've made your first trade in the Lunar app and are a co-owner of a business.


Investment involves risk.

When you invest with Invest, you do it through Saxo Bank.

There is always a risk when you invest money. The value of your investment can both rise and fall and in some cases you may lose the entire amount you have invested. We provide factual information about movements in the stock market, but previous developments in the stock market are not always an indication of future developments.

We don't advise on investments and we don’t make recommendations for either buying or selling shares. Information provided by Lunar is not advice on where or how to invest your money, and all decisions are up to you alone.