Invest in stocks, funds, and ETF's


With Invest in the Lunar app, there’s no more complicated investment lingo and frills. We’ve cut the investment experience to the bone and made it easier than ever to buy stock in the brands you love. Even for you who’ve never invested before.

  • Get started in a few minutes - without being an expert

  • Buy stocks from 20 DKK

  • Invest securely in stocks or ETF's

Invest in your favorite brands

It doesn’t matter if you dream of owning a piece of Netflix, Tesla, or AGF. We’ve got the stocks for you.

Invest in your favorite brands from all over the world across sectors. You find them easily in the Lunar app by searching for the company’s name or by finding their logo.

Invest safely with Saxo Bank

When you invest with Lunar, you're doing it through Saxo Bank. This means, that you create an account in Lunar, and get an investment account at Saxo Bank - but you control everything in the Lunar app.

Saxo Bank is fully licensed to trade and invest your money, and they have to live up to a number of standards. That's why you can feel safe investing through Saxo Bank.

This is why you should invest

When your money is in the bank, it can lose value due to inflation and negative interests.

That's why it's a great idea to invest in them and you'll get the opportunity to watch them grow.

Historically speaking, it's also a good idea to invest. In the last 49 years, the stock market has risen +8% per year on average. So, the sooner you begin investing, the better your chances are to make your money grow.

For example - if you invested 500 DKK in the S&O 500-index each month from the start of 2016 till the end of 2020, five years, it would have become 42.700 DKK, with compound interest. That's an annual return of 8.5% and 42.5% over 5 years.

Choose an ETF and spread out your risk

On top of stocks, you can also purchase EFTs with Invest. It is a group of stocks, gathered in advance. Many people choose ETF's when they first start out.

With ETFs, you won't have to choose just one stock, and you will spread out your risk because you spread out your investment over several companies. But remember, there's always a risk when you invest - also with ETFs.

With Invest you'll get

  • An easy and straightforward investment feature.
  • Buy stocks in your favorite brands.
  • A low and transparent trading cost without hidden fees.
  • No demands for minimum expenditure
  • Automatic tax report.

Get started with Invest

  • 1

    Get Lunar for free

    Download Lunar and get a free account, card, and Denmark's best banking app. You can keep your current bank and use us as your other bank.

  • 2

    Sign up for Invest

    When you've become a Lunar user, sign up for Invest in the app. Technically, you will create an investment account at Saxo Bank, but you'll be investing from the Lunar app. That's why you will get a simple and user-friendly investment platform in a language you understand.

  • 3

    Make your first trade with a swipe

    Find the stocks, index funds, or EFTs you'd like to invest in. Swipe and voila - now, you've made your first trade in the Lunar app and are co-owner of a business.