With Project Blue, making a difference for the environment has never been easier. Get a free account and remove plastic from the Nordic oceans whenever you use your Lunar card. See the effect directly in the app, litre by litre, piece by piece.

  • Free account and Visa card

  • Clean the ocean just by using your card

  • The app that puts you in charge of your finances

Swipe to remove plastic

Imagine what the Nordic oceans would look like if they we’re afloat with plastic bottles, takeaway packaging, coffee cups and oil residues.

Become part of Project Blue and contribute to cleaner seawater and better lives for sea creatures. Every time you use your Visa card, you support Seabins, who clean the ocean in Denmark, Sverige and Norge. All you have to do is activate Project Blue with a swipe in the Lunar app.

For only 1 DKK per 1,000 DKK spend, you can make a difference to the environment. 1 DKK cleans 2879 litres of water. What’s more, Lunar adds 2% to your contribution every time you use the card.

This is how Project Blue Works

See how Lunar cleans the oceans in collaboration with Seabins

  • 8000000 tons

    of plastic end up in the world's oceans every year

  • 2025

    is the year where there be 1 ton of plastic in the sea for every 3 tons of fish

  • 95 %

    of all plastic is only used once

Good to the environment, great for your money

With Project Blue, you get a free account, a stylish black Visa card and/or a virtual card and Denmark's best banking app. You’re not only doing something good for the environment, you are also helping your finances out.

Are you tired of running out of money every month? Do you struggle to save up? Or do you dream of more travelling? Whatever your money troubles, Lunar can help.

Get the best financial overview and make the most of your money with the app's revolutionary new features. Try Lunar out without any obligation—you don’t even have to leave your old bank.

See what difference you make

Do you care about the environment? But is it sometimes hard to see how what you do helps? Then Project Blue is ideal. With Project Blue the change you make is clear, from day 1.

In the app, you can see how much water you clean and how much plastic you remove from the ocean every time you use your card. You can also see how much we clean together. In other words, you are never in doubt about the impact your efforts have on the environment.

More Seabins in the Nordic oceans

It’s far more motivating to help the environment when it’s something you can relate to. Project Blue is very relatable.

40% of your contribution goes to the work with existing Seabins in Denmark, Sweden and Norway and 60% finances new Seabins. The Seabins are managed by our award-winning partner Project Seabin.

When together we’ve cleaned 240 million litres of water, we put a new Seabin in the Danish ocean. And when we’ve cleaned 480 million litres more, we put another one in Sweden and Norway.

Small effort, big effect

With Project Blue, you become part of a community with a clear mission and a common goal. We are 400,000 Lunar users. Imagine how much of a difference we can make together.

A little effort from all of us has a great effect on the big picture. You can follow the development of Lunar’s collaboration with Seabins real-tim in the Lunar app.


  • 1

    Sign up to Lunar for free

    Download Lunar for free and sign up in a few minutes. You can easily use us as your second bank without leaving your old one.

  • 2

    Choose your contribution

    Once you have a Lunar account, you can select your contribution in the app. For just 1 DKK per 1000 DKK spent, you can clean 2879 liters of water.

  • 3

    Activate Project Blue with a swipe

    Helping the environment has never been easier. All you have to do is activate Project Blue with a swipe in your Lunar app. Then you make a difference each time you use your Lunar card.

Replace your physical card with a virtual one

Do you want to do even more for the environment? Along with your free Lunar account, you can choose to get a virtual card instead of a physical one. The virtual card is available electronically in your Lunar app.

You can use it online or connect it to Apple Pay or Google Pay and pay with it in physical stores. The card is not only environmentally friendly - it also protects you in a better way against fraud, because the card's three-digit security code changes every hour.