Travel safely

Here, you’re covered abroad in case of emergency

Accidents and emergencies can cost you dearly if they happen on your trip abroad. If you're not insured that is. With Premium and Pro, you are. That's because we've included one of Denmark's best travel and luggage insurances, so you can travel without worries.

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Travel the world with Premium and Pro

If you buy your holiday with your Lunar Premium or Pro card, automatically, you’re covered by first-class travel insurance from Tryg. Your insurance covers you worldwide on any trip with a duration of maximum of 30 days.


  • Luggage insurance

    Was your luggage missing at the baggage carousel in the airport? Don’t fret. The insurance covers you if you lose your luggage.

  • Repatriation in case of sickness, injury, or death

    You’ll avoid having to pay a fortune to get home with your broken leg from the skiing trip - because the insurance’s got your back.

  • Travel documents

    The insurance covers you if a thief gets hold of your passport, travel tickets, your card, or any other travel documents.

  • Damage to persons and/or property

    No one breaks a chair in an AirBnB apartment in New York on purpose. But if it happens anyway, your insurance covers the damage.

  • Accidents - Dental injuries

    Your insurance covers you if you crack a tooth in Bali. Then, you can let your tooth be the only problem. Not your finances.

  • Judicial assistance

    If you need a lawyer while travelling and staying abroad, your insurance will cover that, too.