Travel safely

Wherever you go, we've got you covered.

If you have an accident while travelling and are not insured, it could cost you more than you think. With Plus and Unlimited, get global travel and baggage insurance and put your mind at ease when you're away from home.

Travel the world with Plus and Unlimited.

If you cover travel and accommodation costs for a holiday using your Plus or Unlimited card, you will automatically be covered by top-class travel insurance from Tryg.

Your insurance covers you worldwide for trips lasting a maximum of 30 days.

Here's how you're covered.

Fellow travellers (only with Unlimited)

When you travel with Unlimited, you and your partner/spouse will be covered – as well as both of your children provided they are under the age of 21.

With Plus, you alone will be covered by the travel insurance.

Luggage insurance

Was your luggage missing at the baggage carousel in the airport? Don’t fret. The insurance covers you if you lose your luggage.

Cancellation (only with Unlimited)

Did you break your leg just before a ski trip? Your travel insurance will cover cancellation costs up to 10,000 DKK per person, and up to 15,000 DKK per trip.

Accidents, incl. dental injuries

If you crack a tooth in Bali, you’re covered. Then your tooth is the only thing you have to worry about. Not the cost.

Holiday compensation (only with Unlimited)

Covers up to 10,000 DKK per person with a maximum of 15,000 DKK per trip. This only applies to Unlimited.

Repatriation in case of sickness, injury or death

You’ll avoid having to pay a fortune to get home with your broken leg from the skiing trip - because the insurance’s got your back.

Travel documents

The insurance covers you if your passport, travel tickets, card or any other travel documents get stolen whilst you’re abroad.

Damage to persons and/or property

No one breaks a chair in an AirBnB apartment in New York on purpose. But if it happens anyway, your insurance covers the damage.

Crisis counseling

With Unlimited, you'll get crisis counselling if you need it wherever you are, and coverage up to 10,000 DKK for counselling after your return home.

With Plus, you'll be covered up to 10,000 DKK for over-the-phone crisis counselling.

Legal assistance

If you need a lawyer while travelling and staying abroad, your insurance will cover that too.

Patient escort and summoning

Have you fallen ill while travelling? With Unlimited, a fellow traveller can accompany you home, and up to 2 people can be summoned to accompany you.

With Plus, one traveller can accompany you, and you can summon one person.

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