Get a Joint Account


A joint account at Lunar makes sharing your finances more simple, fun, and engaging than ever.

  • Share an account with up to 10 people. Get a card each

  • Manage all of your money easily

  • A joint account with likes, emojis, and comments

Share expenses with your favorite people

Whether it’s a budget account with your partner, an account for eating out with your friends or a travel account for the family, a Lunar joint account makes it easy to share all expenses.

Don’t worry about who pays for what, just use one of your shared virtual cards when you spend together.

Share adventures and memories for life

Make your dreams come true together

Nothing beats shared experiences with the people you love. A joint account can help you make those dreams come true.

You can use your joint account to save up for things together—whether you’re eating out, going on holiday or hoping to buy a car. With Lunar, you can reach your goals before you know it.

Much more than just an account

Lunar’s joint account is a whole universe in itself, making it fun and engaging to share expenses together, and providing an overview so everyone knows what’s going on in the account.

Comment on transactions. Pick a colour and a symbol for your account. “Like” and use emojis. Get a notification whenever one of you uses the card for your joint account.

Having a joint account with your favourite people is a no brainer if you want to manage your shared money more easily.

Share an account with up to 10 others

Want to share an account with your significant other, your roomies, siblings or your wine club? It’s up to you. Get a joint account with up to 10 other Lunar users you trust, and everyone in the group gets a virtual Visa card.

The joint account can be created by any user with a Lunar Premium or Lunar Pro subscription. The rest of the group can join, whether they're Standard, Premium or Pro users.


  • 1

    Sign up for Lunar

    Download the Lunar app and sign up in a few minutes. You can easily use Lunar while having your current bank. Remember that you must have a Lunar Premium or Pro subscription to create a joint account.

  • 2

    Create your joint account

    Create a joint account with a single swipe in the app once you have registered for Lunar Premium or Pro – simple as that.

  • 3

    Invite your favorite people

    It’s easy to invite the people you want to join your joint account. You just have to send an invitation link from the app, which the receiver can open from their phone. All users must have Lunar to be able to use the joint account. If you send the invitation link to a non-Lunar user, they will be redirected to a guide on how to sign up