Get closer to your next trip

Turn daily spending into travel rewards with the first SAS EuroBonus debit card by Lunar.

Turn your daily spending into rewards with the first SAS EuroBonus debit card

With the SAS EuroBonus Lunar card, daily purchases brings you a little closer to your next trip.

Earn points for rewards to fuel your adventures.

Choose how you spend the points that get you closer to your next trip. Choose between flight tickets, upgrades and more.

  • Flight tickets to your dream destination.
  • Stay in more than 250,000 hotels and properties worldwide.
  • Rent vehicles at more than 10,000 Hertz locations.
  • Upgrade travel class and enjoy exclusive airport lounges.
  • Shop quality products from the SAS EuroBonus store.

Easy to get, easy to use.

The SAS EuroBonus Lunar card helps you go places, one purchase at a time.

For every 100 DKK you spend with your new card, you earn 8 points. You can easily add the SAS EuroBonus Lunar card to Apple Pay or Google Pay. Then keep track of your EuroBonus points in the Lunar app.

Get the SAS EuroBonus Lunar card for a low fixed price.

  • Create a free Lunar account or activate your card on an existing account with ease.
  • Get the SAS EuroBonus Lunar card for only 39 DKK /month.
  • 6,000 EuroBonus points welcome bonus for the first 10,000 new Lunar users*. 3,000 EuroBonus Extra points welcome bonus for everyone else.

*This offer is only valid for new Lunar customers. The first 10,000 registrations for an SAS EuroBonus Lunar card will receive 6,000 EuroBonus points, while subsequent new customers will receive 3,000 points.
This offer applies to customers who have opened a bank account with Lunar after the launch date (i.e., AFTER June 17, 2024) and have signed up for the SAS product within 14 days of opening the bank account with Lunar. Customers who have had a Lunar account within the last 2 years are not eligible for this offer. To qualify, new customers must hold an SAS EuroBonus Lunar card for at least 3 months and spend at least 15,000 kr. (DKK/SEK/NOK) on points-accruing transactions with their SAS EuroBonus Lunar card during this period. You can find more information about our terms and conditions and which types of transactions that earn you points on the website. Points will be credited after these 3 months.

This is how you start earning points.

Sign up with ease. Begin earning points immediately after approval with a digital card and elevate your travel experience seamlessly.

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    Get Lunar for free.

    Download Lunar and get a free account, a digital card, and an award-winning banking app.

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    Activate EuroBonus account.

    Get SAS EuroBonus, approve access to your card in the Lunar app and connect your SAS EuroBonus account.

  • 3

    Start earning points.

    Start collecting points on your daily spending and keep track of your points easily in the app.

Join Lunar and bank smarter like 900,000 others.

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Requested during the day to get Lunar bank, already a few hours later I was approved. My card also came super fast. Awesome.

Great app, super support, good fee and interest policy - now our daily primary bank :-)

Really phenomenal and fast customer service - and a user-friendly app that works. I’m so satisfied with Lunar and would, without hesitation, recommend the bank to others - both for businesses and private.

I am really pleasantly surprised and have already recommended Lunar to the rest of my family who also have Lunar as their bank now :blush:

Modern bank. Simple and effective.

Everything works perfectly in the app, and you always have an overview of things. No fee hassle and no random communication.

Easy and user-friendly Lunar universe. The entire app and approach to accounts, products and services is clear and in easy-to-understand communication. In addition, there is a good interest rate and, not least, no surcharge when using an app/card for payment and withdrawal abroad.

Everything is easy🙏🏼🙏🏼

Best!!!! Always immediate transfers, easy transfer options, a good overview and options for budget account, etc.

Super good experience. Welcome. When you sign up for an account and card, it can be used immediately. Fast card delivery. Good useful features in the app. So far only good things to say.. thanks lunar;-)

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