Free account and digital card.

It shouldn’t cost you anything to have a bank account and card to pay with. That's why, as a 100% digital bank, we'll help you open an account and get a digital bank card for free.

We won’t put you in a box.

We want to make banking easy and cheap for everyone, no matter the balance on your account. With Lunar, there are no surprise fees and you even get a positive 1.5% interest rate on your first 100,000 DKK, as long as you use your card at least once every 30 days.

We can offer that because we make money on other things like our Standard, Plus and Unlimited subscriptions.

International in Denmark?

With Lunar, get a free Danish bank account and digital card that you can use to make payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay. Also, we'll help you with everything you need to know to apply.

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Get a free account with Denmark’s best interest rate.*

Not only can you get a free account. You can get an account with +1.5% up to 100,000 DKK.

For amounts above 100,000 DKK the interest rate is 0% – so you don’t have to pay any negative interest.

The positive interest rate can make a big difference - even for smaller amounts.

*The comparison was made by Lunar based on data from, March 3, 2023. Lunar’s interest rate was compared to the interest rate of the 10 largest banks in Denmark - measured on working capital. The interest rate is variable.

You won’t have to switch banks

You’re welcome to keep your current bank and use Lunar on the side. And we don’t have any requirements that you move your NemKonto to us.

That said, of course we’re happy when so many of our customers choose to move their old account to us, once they discover that using Lunar makes everything easier, smarter, and cheaper.

It's this easy to get your account

  • 1

    Download the Lunar app in the App Store or Google Play.

  • 2

    Apply directly from the app in minutes.

  • 3

    As soon as you’re approved, your account is ready for you in the app. Easy!

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