Lunar x astralis

Meet the world's best Counter-Strike players in our new Astralis universe. Get the exclusive Astralis card, which gives you access to video coaching with the players and lots of other cool fan benefits.

Make the most of your money with Lunar and Astralis

Together with Astralis, we have opened up a whole new Astralis universe in the Lunar app.

Get an account and an exclusive Astralis Visa card, and manage your money easier than ever from Denmark's best banking app.

We make finances manageable, fun and engaging, and we do it 100% digitally. And you can easily keep your current bank and use us on the side.

Astralis card with extra benefits

Together with Astralis, we have designed the world's first and only Astralis Visa card.

With this card you get access to all the exclusive benefits in the Astralis universe. Get access to player content in the app, which you will not find anywhere else in the world, pre access to merchandise and much more.

Astralis benefits for all Lunar users

  • Player profiles

    See info about all the Astralis players.

  • Ask Me Anything- answers

    See the players' answers to Ask Me Anything questions.

  • Academy- teasers

    Get a sneak peek at tips and tricks videos with the players.

  • Discord community

    Get access to Astralis X Lunar’s Discord channel

Exclusive for everyone with the Astralis card

  • Exclusive Astralis card

    Get a Visa-card designed by Astralis

  • Astralis Academy

    Watch tips and tricks videos with the players, and get trained by the best. Made for Lunar users only.

  • Ask Me Anything

    Get to know your favorite player

  • Backstage access

    Get close to the players with behind the scenes material.

  • Pre-access to events and merchandise

    Get access to special events before everyone else.

  • Meet & Greet

    Get a chance to meet the entire Astralis team.

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