Health insurance in Denmark

Denmark has a comprehensive healthcare system - and its health insurance program is a vital part of this system. In this article, we’ll cover what you need to know about the Danish health insurance system - including what it is, how it works, and its benefits.

Health insurance in Denmark

Denmark has an advanced healthcare system, and health insurance is an integral part of the system, offering high-quality medical treatment for all Danish citizens and residents. The health insurance system ensures that everyone in the country regardless of their income or social status  has access to healthcare.

The system is administered by the Danish Health Authority and five regions. Each of the five regions in Denmark are responsible for providing healthcare services to the people in their area.

The entire social security system is funded by taxes each citizen pays monthly. Read more about the progressive tax system in Denmark here.

What does it cover?

The Danish health insurance system will cover a wide range of medical services, including doctor visits, hospital stays and rehabilitation programs. It also covers certain preventive services, such as vaccinations and cancer screenings.

Furthermore, mental health services are also available to all. These services include counseling, psychotherapy, and psychiatric treatment.

Private health insurance in Denmark

There are also private health insurance options available in Denmark. This system can provide additional coverage for services not covered by the public plan - private hospital and clinic visits, some cosmetic surgeries, and alternative therapies.

Tip: Read more about treatment in private hospitals and clinics.

Sygeforsikringen Danmark

In addition to the national health insurance program, Denmark residents can purchase supplemental health insurance through Sygeforsikringen Danmark, which is an organization offering a range of additional benefits not usually covered by the national system.

Private health insurance through work

Some residents of Denmark also have access to health insurance through their employers or pensions. Also, many employers - as well as many pension plans - offer health insurance plans as part of their employee benefits package.

Is dental care free in Denmark?

Some dental treatments are covered for children and young people under 18. However, after turning 18, residents must either pay out-of-pocket for dental service or purchase supplemental dental insurance through a program like Sygesikring Danmark.

Who is eligible for free health insurance?

All residents of Denmark are eligible for health insurance, regardless of their nationality or immigration status. This includes Danish citizens and foreign residents with a valid Danish social security (CPR) number. Those not eligible for public health insurance can be short-term visitors or undocumented immigrants.

Tourists visiting Denmark are not generally entitled to healthcare coverage under the Danish healthcare system. But if you have purchased travel insurance, it could include medical coverage in case of emergency medical treatment.

Suppose you are on a short-term visit to Denmark or studying in Denmark - and are from an EU/EEA country. In that case, you can use your blue European health insurance card that will cover emergency medical treatment in Denmark. Read more here.

How to apply for public health insurance

Applying for public health insurance is a relatively straightforward process once you have the right kind of documentation in hand. Most residents of Denmark are automatically enrolled in the public health insurance system when they receive their Danish social security number. This means that you need to obtain a CPR number first. You must visit your local Citizen Service Center (Borgerservice).

After this, you will automatically be enrolled in the public health insurance program and will receive a yellow health insurance card (sygesikringsbevis) in your mail. This can take up to a few weeks. This card is proof of your health insurance coverage. It must be presented whenever you receive medical treatment or services.

To access healthcare services in Denmark, you must register with a general practitioner (GP). You can choose your GP freely, and they will serve as your primary point of contact for all non-emergency medical issues.

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Last updated August 16, 2023. We’ve collected general information. Please note, that there may be specific circumstances that you need to be aware of.