Treatment in private hospitals and clinics in Denmark

Denmark has a universal healthcare system, where citizens can access medical care and treatment through public hospitals and clinics. Private hospitals and clinics offer an alternative option that operates independently from the public healthcare system. In this guide, we will provide an overview of what you need to know about private healthcare services in Denmark and the benefits they offer.

Treatment in private hospitals and clinics

Some people opt for private hospitals and clinics, as they offer additional, specialized, or niche  treatment options that may not be readily available in public hospitals. Sometimes private hospitals can offer quicker access or more flexibility in terms of scheduling appointments.

Some public hospitals cooperate with private hospitals if their capacity can’t meet demand. This means you might be referred to treatment in private hospitals or clinics through the public hospital.

In Denmark, many specialized health professionals operate within the private sector, such as dentists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and even your general practitioner.

Costs of treatment in private hospitals and clinics

If you have not been referred to treatment in private hospitals by the public hospital, private healthcare services in Denmark are generally not covered by the public healthcare system. In this case, patients are required to pay out-of-pocket or have private health insurance.

Your yellow health card grants you free healthcare - and you can also seek subsidies for medicine or other paid treatments at the dentist, psychology, and physiotherapy. In some cases you need a referral to be able to get the subsidies.

However, it’s important to note that some doctors or specialists also offer treatment that will not be covered by the Danish healthcare system.

The cost of private healthcare services varies depending on the provider and the services required. It is a good idea to ask about the cost of services before making an appointment.

If you are an EU/EEA citizen, from Switzerland, Norway or the United Kingdom but work in, or travel to Denmark, you can also use your blue European health insurance card to gain access to the public Danish healthcare system.

Insurance and reimbursement for private healthcare

While private health insurance might cover some or all of the cost of services offered by private healthcare providers, it’s a good idea to verify what is covered before seeking care.

Sometimes you have to pay out of pocket; in other cases, you can seek reimbursement from your insurance provider if you have one.

In some cases, patients can use their Sygeforsikringen Danmark insurance to cover or reimburse parts of treatment at private hospitals and clinics in Denmark. To find the right private hospital, search online or ask your primary care physician or network for a referral.

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Last updated August 16, 2023. We’ve collected general information. Please note, that there may be specific circumstances that you need to be aware of.