What is Borgerservice?

Borgerservice is a government service offering a range of facilities to help Danish residents navigate their daily life. From registering a new address to getting your driver’s license, Borgerservice is the go-to place for all things bureaucratic. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Borgerservice and everything it offers.

What is Borgerservice?

If you’re new to Denmark, you might have come across ‘Borgerservice’. Borgerservice translates to ‘citizen service.’ Borgerservice is a government agency in Denmark that offers a range of services to citizens.

It serves as a central institution where residents can get information, register for many other services, and seek help with any bureaucratic tasks they might have. Borgerservice centers are located throughout Denmark in every municipality.

You can access Borgerservice online here .

What services are offered by Borgerservice?

Borgerservice offers a wide range of services to residents of Denmark. Some of the standard services that are offered are:

Issuing ID cards

Borgerservice centers are responsible for issuing Danish ID cards. Several types of cards can be issued by Borgerservice, such as an ID card if you do not have a driving license or passport.

Furthermore, the service is responsible for issuing the yellow health care that gives citizens access to the Danish healthcare system. You can also order the Blue European Health Insurance Card at Borgerservice.

Applying for a CPR number and MitID

If you’re a foreigner moving to Denmark, you’ll need to apply for a CPR number at Borgerservice. Also, Borgerservice can help you with applying for and using MitID.

Address registration

When you move to a new address, you must register your new address with the National Registration Office (folkeregistret). This can be done through Borgerservice. Danish citizens are required to register a move within five days .

Certifications and licenses

Borgerservice also offers civil registration services that include birth registration, name registration, marriage registration, divorce, and death registration.

Driver’s license services

At Borgerservice, you can access driver’s license services, such as applications for driver’s licenses and renewals - or get an international driver’s license.

Passport services

If you’re a Danish citizen and need a new passport, Borgerservice is the place to go. They offer passport services, including passport applications and renewals.

Applying for social benefits

Borgerservice also assists with social benefits such as unemployment benefits, child support, and housing benefits (Boligstøtte). The Citizen Service works closely with other government agencies to provide these services to citizens.

How to use Borgerservice

Using Borgerservice is relatively straightforward. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find your nearest Borgerservice center:
    You can find the nearest Borgerservice center on your municipality’s website.
  2. Book an appointment:
    Once you’ve found your nearest Borgerservice center, you must book an appointment. You can do this online - or by calling the center directly.
  3. Prepare your documents:
    Before your appointment, make sure you have all the necessary documents with you. This will depend on the service you need, so check the municipality’s website for a list of required documents.
  4. Attend your appointment:
    On the day of your appointment, arrive on time and remember to bring all the documents with you for smooth and efficient assistance. The processing time will vary depending on the service you need.

ICS: International Citizen Service

If you are a foreigner living in Denmark and looking for easy navigation in Denmark’s bureaucracy, the International Citizen Service is also available to provide information and assistance.

The information and assistance available consists of a range of topics such as work and residence permits, registering your address in Denmark, health insurance, taxation, social security, learning Danish, and finding housing.

The ICS has offices in six cities across Denmark and provides personalized assistance to you as a foreigner. Find the International Citizen Service near you here.

FaQ about Borgerservice

How do I find a Borgerservice center near me?

You can find a Borgerservice center near you by visiting their website or using the app.  Find the nearest Borgerservice center here.

Do I need an appointment to visit Borgerservice?

Yes, you will need to book appointments in advance. Borgerservice centers can get busy, so booking your appointment as soon as possible is a good idea to avoid delays and long queues.

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