What is MitID? What you need to know

Denmark is known for its advanced digital infrastructure - and the national digital ID system that is now MitID is just one example of this. MitID is an electronic ID system that allows you to access your personal information on public services. The system is developed by the Danish Ministry of Finance and the Danish Agency for Digitization. One of the most important things you need to obtain when moving to and settling in Denmark is the MitID. MitID was made to replace the previous NemID with a more secure and user-friendly focus.

What is MitID?

MitID is designed to provide an easy and secure way for Danish citizens and residents to access digital services such as online banking, healthcare service, and other public services.

MitID is required for accessing various services in Denmark. This includes everything from opening a bank account to accessing your tax information.

You need the MitID to:

  • Log in to, and/or
  • Accessing healthcare services - booking appointments and accessing medical records
  • Accessing government services, such as applying for a passport or driver’s license
  • Online shopping
  • Accessing your online banking account and transferring funds

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FaQ about MitID

How does MitID work?

MitID works with a two-factor authentication method to secure access to digital services. When logging into MitID, you must enter a username and password. This process is digital, but physical options exist - with code viewers, chips, and code readers.

With the MitID-app, you can approve activities with a swipe of a finger or with a QR-code.

One of the key features of the MitID is its mobile app that allows users to authenticate their identities on the go easily. It can be accessed via smartphone and/or tablet.

How to get MitID?

If you are a Danish citizen or resident, you will automatically receive a government letter with instructions on activating MitID. If you have recently moved to Denmark, you may need to visit a Citizen Service Center in person to complete the process.

This is because the online application process might require a NemID. You can also apply for the MitID by scanning your passport or ID card in the MitID app. Read much more about the different ways of getting a MitID here.

Who can use MitID?

MitID is available to all Danish citizens, permanent residents - and everyone with a Danish CPR number or P-number – and who are above the age of 15 years old. It is possible for children aged 13 or 14 to get a MitID, but some services cannot be used.

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With MitID, the sign-up process is easy and 100% digital. And if you’re approved, we can offer you an account within days.

Last updated August 18, 2023. This article is based on general information, and there may be special rules and circumstances that you should be aware of. This should not be considered counseling.