What is NemKonto? What you need to know

NemKonto is a Danish national payment system that allows citizens and businesses to receive government payments directly into their bank accounts. Having NemKonto lets you easily receive payments from various sources, making it a highly convenient and practical solution for anyone living and working in Denmark.

What is a NemKonto?

Besides a regular bank account, the Danish government requires all citizens and residents to have a NemKonto. The NemKonto is a type of bank account used specifically to receive payments from the government, tax refunds, and welfare payments.

By eliminating the need to provide bank details for each payment, NemKonto makes it possible to receive these payments promptly and efficiently.

Here are some examples of public payouts that use NemKonto:

  • Child family benefits
  • Excess taxes
  • Pension
  • Salary to public employees
  • Social welfare
  • Unemployment benefits

How to set up a NemKonto in Denmark

To set up a NemKonto in Denmark, you need to have a Danish CPR number and a bank account with a Danish financial institution. It is free of charge to assign a NemKonto yourself – but some banks might take a small fee.

  • When setting up the NemKonto, you should first of all open an account at using your NemID or MitID.
  • Contact your Danish bank to inform them about the specific account that you want to be assigned to your NemKonto

If you do not yet have a NemID or MitID and would like to obtain it, visit to get started.

To register for a NemKonto, citizens and businesses must provide personal information, such as name, address, and bank account details.

You can also assign your foreign bank account to your NemKonto.

It is important that you keep all information on your NemKonto account up to date if there is a change in your bank account or regarding your personal information. If you fail to do so, it can result in delayed or missed payments.

Setting up NemKonto with Lunar

At Lunar, we’ve made getting a NemKonto with us straightforward. Registering your NemKonto in Lunar is entirely free, and we've done our utmost to make it a hassle-free experience for you.

You can get Lunar for free, giving you an award-winning digital bank, digital Visa card (plus the option of a physical card), positive interest up to 100,000 DKK*, an easy-to-use banking app, and much more.

We offer four different plans for different needs. Always without any hidden fees. See the full offering here.

*For amounts above 100,000 DKK the interest rate is 0%. The interest rate is variable.

FAQ about NemKonto

Where can I see my NemKonto?

When you log into self-service at, you can see which bank account is used as your NemKonto under "Your Account" in the menu. To check it, you must use your personal electronic key, EasyID, or digital signature.

Can I choose which account I want as my NemKonto?

You decide which of your accounts you want to be your NemKonto. You'll be guided while registering your NemKonto in the Lunar app if you have multiple accounts. Go to "Products" and select "NemKonto" in the app to get started. Registering your NemKonto in Lunar is completely free, and we've done our utmost to make it a hassle-free experience for you.

Are my account number and my account information protected?

Your information is protected. The public authorities can only transfer money to your NemKonto. They cannot retract the money or see any movements on your account. In addition, they don’t have direct access to see your account number. 

Last updated August 18, 2023. This article is based on general information, and there may be special rules and circumstances that you should be aware of. This should not be considered counseling.