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Learn to spot scam emails.

Perhaps you have received an email from Lunar that looks suspicious. This is phishing*, and we are aware of it and are working hard to avoid the circulation of them.

*Phishing is a type of online scam through which criminals portray as legitimate organizations via email to steal sensitive information or money.

We love the internet and all the possibilities that come with it. But we can’t deny that it also allows scammers to use new hidden tricks to have us give away personal information or even make money transfers that are nothing but fraudulent.

Recently, we have seen an increasing number of phishing emails sent to our Lunar users in which scammers try to have you click on links and transfer money. It can be difficult to spot whether an email is a scam since it usually looks legitimate. But if you sense that something might not be right, perhaps you notice a different layout in the email or you spot a suspicious address in the bottom of the mail, you should always check twice before you click on any provided link.

Use these tips & tricks to spot whether an email is a scam.

  • Does the offer in the email make sense?
  • Have I unexpectedly been asked to send money?
  • Is the email layout similar to other emails that you have received before from Lunar?
  • Can you see the correct contact details to Lunar in the bottom of the email?
  • Is there anything with the sender of the email that you find unusual?

Scam emails may often look like professional emails, however, in an email from Lunar you will never be asked to write your password or account information.

Help! I think I have received a scam email - what do I do?

  • Don’t click on any link in the email.
  • In case you have provided personal information or made a money transfer - reach out to our customer support team immediately.

In general, if you spot something suspicious in an email - please reach out to our customer support to confirm the legitimacy of the email.

You can reach us through the chat function in your app.

Stay safe, and always reach out to us if you feel uncertain about a message that you have received from Lunar.

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