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Become 100% digital without plastic: Choose a digital card.

With Lunar, you can get an account and a card entirely digitally - and it’s for free. Get five reasons of why you should start using a virtual card.

Digital cards can be used with Apple Pay and Google Pay, and they're safer when you shop online.

At Lunar you can try a digital card and get an Danish bank account for free

In contrast to a physical card made of plastic, a digital card exists on your mobile phone. It has a dynamic safety code (CVC) that is randomly generated and updated every hour.

You can use the same card multiple times and delete and create new cards whenever you want.

Tips - Add your digital card in Apple Pay or Google Pay to pay in physical stores.

Reasons to why you need a digital card.

You want a world with less plastic.

Instead of ordering several physical cards in plastic, you can choose digital alternatives. You can add your digital card to Apple Pay or Google Pay through the Lunar app to become able to pay with them both online and offline.

It’s can be a hassle to get a physical replacement card.

If you’ve been the victim of card fraud, you'll need a new card. That can be a hassle. In the Lunar app, you can freeze and unfreeze your card with a swipe, but it still takes several days for a new physical card to be delivered by mail.

You love free trials, but you forget to cancel.

You probably know all about it. You want to try out a new exciting service with a free trial - but you forget all about it, don’t really use it and forget to cancel the subscription.

It’s a classic, and that’s why it’s clever to subscribe with a digital card. That way, you can easily manage and cancel your subscription and delete your digital card when the free trial expires.

You don’t have an overview of all your digital subscriptions.

One thing is free trials, but a digital card can also be a good choice for managing your digital subscriptions, such as streaming services and media. That way, you’ll get a full overview and can easily manage which ones you can’t live without.

You’ll get your digital card before your physical are shipped.

As soon as you’re approved in Lunar, you can get your digital card. So you don’t have to wait for the mailman before you can get started moving subscriptions, using your card online and budgeting. As easy as it gets.

Can’t wait to get your hands on a digital card? Apply for a free account and digital card in the Lunar app here