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See the actual value of cardano (ADA) easily with us. The exchange rate is updated in real-time, so you can follow the latest increases or decreases of the rate.

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Trading cardano without knowing the exchange rate is like biking with blindfolds on. Neither is recommended.

With our live updates, you’ll never miss out on rate developments of cardano. We’ll show you the exchange rate in real-time across the exchanges, Coinbase, Kraken, and Bitstamp. Without delays.

This means that you’ll always be fully updated on whether cardano’s rate is rising or dropping - and we’ll send you notifications about large fluctuations to your phone if you’d like.

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With us, it’s easy to see the value of cardano - also known as ADA - right here and now. This means you can see if the actual value is increasing or decreasing.

Since cardano entered the market in December 2017, the value has fluctuated a lot. For example, you could buy one cardano coin for less than zero DKK, according to Coinbase. By August 2021, it was up to 18 DKK - an increase of more than 16.000%.

But the value of all cryptocurrencies can rise and drop every second. This means that you have the opportunity of gains, but you could also lose the amount you’ve purchased if the rate drops.

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You can trade cardano directly from your phone via Lunar Block. When you’ve downloaded the Lunar app, and become a user, you can sign up to Lunar Block. After that, you can get started quickly. With our trading platform, it’ll only take a few minutes to buy and sell cardano. And because the platform is Danish and transparent, you can trade with peace of mind.

You’re getting a set, the low trading price of 2,5%, and if you have Lunar Pro that price is just 1%. There are no pointless fees and no unpleasant surprises.