How much does it cost to pay with my card abroad and in foreign currencies?

Are you using your card abroad and paying in foreign currency? It’s important that you are aware of the different fees that are applied to your purchase. Let’s break it down for you:

As a bank, we're obligated to send you a push notification whenever you pay in a foreign currency. In this notification, we’ll inform you of the expected exchange rate and of the additional markup. We do this to give you a better insight into the fees that are applied to card payment and cash withdrawal.

The currency surcharge is the percentage difference on the reference rate of the European Central Bank (ECB) and the rate that your purchase is paid with. But, the reference rate from ECB is a guideline only and is not available to you as a consumer.

What else do you need to know about exchanges when you’re paying in a foreign currency?

Every card in Lunar is issued by Visa. This means that you can always check the expected exchange rate on Visa’s website . Here you can validate the actual rate later on.

How much of a markup you need to pay depends on your Lunar package:

  • Light: 1%
  • Standard: 1%
  • Plus: 0%
  • Unlimited: 0%

In Visa’s Currency Exchange Calculator, the markup is called the “bank fee”.

What currency is best to pay with?

Not sure what currency you should pay with abroad (for example online shopping or in physical shops on holidays)? At Lunar, we always recommend that you pay with local currency. It’s usually the cheapest option.