Get Telmore with Lunar.

With Lunar, save 20% on three selected Telmore subscriptions the first six months. You’ll also receive a 200 DKK welcome bonus.

The offer is available to new Telmore customers only.

Save 20%.
Choose between 3 subscriptions.

Subscription 1

Free calls / Unlimited GB / 61 GB EU / 4 streaming services of your choice included / 399 kr.
(First 6 months with Lunar discount: 319 kr.)

Subscription 2

Free calls / 50 GB / 13 GB EU / 149 kr.
(First 6 months with Lunar discount: 119 kr.)

Subscription 3

Free calls / 30 GB / 12 GB EU / 129 kr.
(First 6 months with Lunar discount: 103 kr.)

Receive a 200 DKK welcome bonus.

When you get Telmore with Lunar, you'll receive a 200 DKK welcome bonus directly to your Lunar account.

That means that you will, in addition to having a discounted phone subscription, receive a 200 DKK gift that you can spend however you like.

*This offer is only for new Telmore customers who are also Lunar users. Access the offer through your Lunar app under 'Products' > 'Benefits'.

Get Telmore with Lunar easily.

  • 1

    Download Lunar and register for free.

  • 2

    In the app, go to ‘Products’ and then ‘Benefits’. Choose Telmore in the list of benefits, and select the subscription that suits you best.

  • 3

    Your subscription registration will be confirmed by Telmore and payment must go through your Lunar app. Your discounted subscription will begin, and your welcome bonus will be paid to your account within 90 days of registering.

Terms and conditions.

  • You cannot be an existing Telmore customer
  • You need a Lunar account to take part in the campaign
  • Payment must be made with your Lunar card
  • You have to register with Telmore by using the same name and email address as you used when registering with Lunar
  • You're only able to access the offer and take part in the campaign through your Lunar app
  • You will receive your welcome bonus to your Lunar account within 90 days of registering for a Telmore phone subscription
  • You can register multiple subscriptions to the same household by using the same email address, and you will receive both the discount and welcome bonus for each additional subscription. This excludes the “Telmore Play” subscription which can only be purchased once per household
  • The 200 DKK welcome bonus can only be paid to your primary Lunar account, and the account must be active

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