FAQ -Disputes.

What is a dispute?

A dispute, in this case, means that you, through a statement of truth, declare to disagree or be unknown to one or more transactions on your card and wants these transactions investigated with the intent of getting the amount refunded.

What do I have to do?

If a problem should occur with your purchase, you have to try to solve the issue between you and the store, before making a dispute. So you have to contact the company. We recommend that you make contact through either their website or email so that you have written proof of the dialogue.

Examples of disputes:

Another person has misused your card - You are still in possession of the card.

You have lost your card/your card has been stolen and misused afterwards.

You haven’t received the products or services you have ordered.

You have returned/cancelled your products/services but haven’t received your money back.

You have received a product that wasn’t described (fx a copy of the product).

You have traded on a site with misguided terms of purchase (fx. a subscription).

A store has charged an amount on your account, which wasn’t agreed upon (fx. car rental or a stay at a hotel).

You have paid the amount in a different way, but it has still been charged on your card.

You have tried to withdraw money from an ATM, but there has been a mistake and you haven’t received your money, even though they have been charged to your account.

What about an authorised payment?

Are there transactions waiting to be charged on your account, which you don’t recognize or accept, you are able to make a dispute, but only after the amount has been charged completely. In other words, you are not able to make a dispute on an amount with the status authorization. We can’t prevent an authorization from being charged on your account. You have to contact the company and get a written confirmation that they won’t charge the money. Afterwards, the confirmation can be sent to, then we will help remove the authorization.

How long will it take to process my dispute?

It can take up to 1-1,5 months to process the dispute. You can’t contact Nets, to find out how far they are in your case. Lunar will contact you as soon as the dispute has been determined. If we need any further information we will contact you.

Should I block my card?

Yes, if your card has been misused or some transactions are unfamiliar, the card has to be blocked immediately. You can block the card yourself in the app under the category “card”.

Your duty to block your card.

You must contact Lunar Bank as soon as possible to block your card, or block the card yourself in the app if any of the following things has happened:

You have lost your physical card.

You have lost your mobile device with your Visa Debit on the device.

Someone else knows your pin code.

You discover that the card has been misused.

You suspect that the card has been copied.

In some other way, you suspect that the card can be misused.

Should I report the case to the police?

You have to report it to the police, if your card has been stolen and misused afterwards, or if you have any suspicions to whom it may have been.

Do I need a new card?

Yes, if transactions have been made on your card that you are unfamiliar with, you have to get a new card with new information. While you wait for your new card, you have to use another card if you have one. Remember, that if your card is registered with different subscriptions, streaming- or online services, it’s important to change the information so that it will charge you on the new card instead.

Can I make a dispute on a private purchase that I've made?

No, you can’t. It’s only purchases made with your Visa Debit card. If you have been fooled in a private deal, you have to contact the support and report it to the police. Lunar can’t take the money back, but they can contact the bank that received the money and ask for the money to be returned.

How can I prevent this from happening again?

You have to continue as usual. Unfortunately, misunderstandings and misuse can happen when shopping online with your card information. But as long as you don’t give away your information to others and always protect your pin code in stores, so do exactly as you normally would do.

Has the card been misused via MobilePay?

When you use MobilePay to transfer to a private person, you have no options to dispute. Here you have to contact MobilePay instead on their phone number (+45) 45 14 44 47 about the misuse. When you use MobilePay as payment on a website, you have the same options of making a dispute as if you used your card.

Contact MobilePay and read more here

How do I make a dispute?

If you believe a dispute has to be made, you have to create a dispute through Nets