People & Culture.

Department purpose.

In the People & Culture team, we’re always on the move. Lunar is growing, and our organisational infrastructure needs to adapt to that constantly. We’re building a team of talented people, and that requires everything from great recruitment, onboarding and development.

Meanwhile, we have the important task of maintaining the pillars of Lunar’s culture and values.

How we work.

We work to empower every Lunar employee to be the best version of themselves. To do so, the team gathers insights from various touchpoints across the whole organisation by connecting with individuals on all levels. Keeping track of an organisation in hyper-growth is a challenge, which is why we use the newest software and strategies to deploy excellence on a large scale.

The perfect match.

We’re looking for people who thrive in an ever-changing environment and are eager to lean in and set the new standard for wonderful working environments.

Do you dare to challenge norms and send the Lunar organisation shooting towards the moon?