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Lunar opens up infrastructure to enable instant payments in the Nordics.

Published 7/6 2023.

Lunar opens up infrastructure to enable instant payments in the Nordics.

Strong demand from both national and international payment players drives Lunar to open up its Nordic payment infrastructure to partners. Starting August 1st Swedish fintech Trustly will be the first partner to tap into Lunar’s account infrastructure.

The partnership between Lunar and Trustly is the first of its kind in Denmark where Lunar opens up its Nordic banking infrastructure and via an API handles third party payments and clearing. Through one single integration with Lunar's infrastructure Trustly will be able to offer instant payments in local currency.

“We built our payment infrastructure with the ambition to deliver the best everyday banking experience to our Nordic users. The added benefit of this massive investment was that we also suddenly experienced a huge interest from national and international banks and fintechs to use our payment infrastructure to access the Nordics”, says Ken Villum Klausen, founder and CEO at Lunar Group.

Lunar’s cloud-based banking infrastructure and API solution extends Lunar’s business to include Banking Services .

“Our infrastructure and API solution is cutting-edge and the Trustly partnership is a testament that we have a unique technology offering and a compelling business opportunity in front of us”, says Ken Villum Klausen.

The collaboration with Trustly is an important milestone for Lunar as it demonstrates how significant investments in cloud-based Nordic payment infrastructure can become a source of revenue. Lunar has clearing permits in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden and can offer access to cross border payments and clearing in the Nordics to third parties.

"We are delighted to partner with Lunar to further enhance our account-to-account payments offering in Denmark. Lunar’s API-based offering fits well with our payments platform and our payment solution allowing consumers a seamless way to pay merchants”, says Sandra Sennerlöv, VP Banking Relations & Partnerships at Trustly.

Starting in Denmark, Lunar and Trustly will together explore the expansion of the partnership to cover the entire Nordics.

Lunar is one of few banks with Nordic banking infrastructure and clearing permits in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

About Lunar

Lunar is a digital challenger bank with a mission to simplify and enrich people’s financial lives, empower them and put them back in control by building the best everyday Nordic bank. Lunar was founded in Aarhus and currently employs over 500 people in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Stockholm and Oslo. In 2019 Lunar received a banking license and is now one of few banks with a Nordic banking platform. Lunar today has more than 850,000 private and business customers across the Nordics.

About Trustly

Trustly is a global payment method. We link the world’s top brands with millions of consumers who instantly transfer, pay, and get refunded in the most secure and convenient way. We forged a path for Open Banking, leading from the front to create a world-class platform where we innovate beyond the sector we inspired. We handle the entire payment journey at an unmatched scale, transforming the performance and experience of payments for over 8,300 merchants in 30+ markets, connecting them to 650 million consumers through 12,000 banks.

We are a licensed Payment Institution under the second payment services directive (PSD2). We operate under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority in Europe. In the US, we are state regulated as required to serve our target markets. Read more about Trustly, the modern way to pay now, at