For Ukranian Refugees

Get a free Danish bank account.

Ukrainian refugees in Denmark, who have received a Danish MitID , can apply for an account. MitID is the Danish, secure login you can use for online banking and receiving mail from public authorities.

What you get with Lunar.

Lunar offers you a free account, you can use to send or receive money in Denmark.

You'll get an app and a basic account for your daily life.
You can receive your salary or benefits here, and the card can be used in all of the EU.

As we are a digital bank, you cannot deposit cash, and we do not offer transfers outside of Denmark.

NemID help

How does it work?

By selecting 'Ukraine' as your country of citizenship during the sign up process, you'll be fast-tracked to an account.

No passport or photo-ID is required - only a residence permit and your MitID.

NemID help

Help with signing up.

Follow the steps in the app when you sign up. The app will tell you what to do.
You need to have a MItID to sign up, which you can get by clicking the link named “MitID help”.

The only documentation we require is a photo of the front and back of your residence permit, or the letter of residence approval from The Danish Immigration Service.

We accept photos of both a digital or physical card.
If you have received a letter from The Danish Immigration Service, please upload a copy of the letter.

Passport or other photo ID is preferred, but is not a requirement.

Need more help?

If you're new in Denmark, and still need information about getting a tax card, NemID/MitID or working in Denmark, SKAT (the Danish tax authority) has a list of helpful guides and links, which is written in English.