Want to help charities? Join RHOKs first danish hackathon for kindness at Lunar

Lunar is hosting the organization RHoK's first hackathon-event in Denmark. At the hackathon participants can help charities and non-profit organization to solve their problems in tech and IT

Usually, hacking is often associated with something negative.

But have you heard of "hacking for kindness"?

It is a concept that the Australian organization RHoK (Random Hacking of Kindness) is based on. The organization simply helps charities to solve technical or IT-related problems which they do not have the capacity or competences to solve by themselves.

More specifically, the organization helps through so-called hackathons, where participants can help to solve the charities` technical issues.

Many different competencies are needed to come up with the good ideas and ultimately solutions for the organizations, so whether you have experience in tech, it, web or design. Your skills are needed at the event.

For the first time ever, RHoKs hackathon is held in Denmark in the fintech company Lunar's office in Copenhagen. The event takes place on the 30th. of April until 1st of May and is completely free of cost.

You can sign up for the event here .

Neither the competencies nor the capacity

One of the participating charities in RHoK's upcoming event at Lunar is Station.

Station was founded in 2016 by five students who had the ambition to build an innovation house that brings together students from all institutions and create innovative and green solutions for society and the planet.

Today their community has +400 members. But as Station has grown, another challenge has grown bigger too.

The organization needs to gather all its data in one big dashboard in order to interact better with its members as well as potential partners.

It is exactly this problem that the organization hopes RHoK`s hackathon can help with.

“It is something we have been wanting for a long time. We have fiddled with the data in several excel sheets, but we have always known it can and have to be done much smarter. We just did not have the competencies or the capacity to solve the problem,” says director Mikkel Nielsen.

Need the concept

Station is not alone in having challenges on the tech side.

There are many charities that need inspiration or simply do not have the skills to solve the problems alone.

According to Mikkel Nielsen from Station, RHoK's concept of “hacking” for kindness hits the spot.

“We need this concept. There are many organizations out there that like us have ambitions in the technical field but do not have the capacity or competences to make it happen,” he says.