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A smashing partnership fuelling unstoppable growth

We are stoked to announce that Lunar has extended its sponsorship of the Danish Padel Federation, solidifying its successful partnership. Both Danish Padel and Lunar have experienced remarkable growth in their respective fields, making this continued collaboration an ideal journey. 🎾

The Power of Partnership

Since 2020, Lunar has been part of the rapidly growing sport, and it has been a positive experience all the way. Søren Holst, Head of Partnerships at Lunar, expresses his excitement: "We truly appreciate our collaboration with the Danish Padel Federation. Being among the first to support DPF, we are incredibly happy to see Padel experiencing such significant growth, and the past years have only proven its potential.”

Empowering Padel's Vision

The extension of Lunar's sponsorship aligns with the Danish Padel Federation's vision of establishing Padel as a popular sport in Denmark. Kristoffer Jørgensen, Secretary-General of the DPF, emphasizes Lunar's support: "Therefore, we naturally feel that the collaboration with Lunar supports our vision of becoming a popular sport in Denmark.”

The Lunar League: A Growing Community

Established through the Lunar-DPF partnership, the Lunar League has experienced a great growth journey. Starting with 39 teams in 2020, it now boasts 700 teams across Denmark. This expansion demonstrates the rising popularity of Padel and Lunar's dedication to making the sport accessible to all.

And with over 5,000 registered Padel players in the Lunar League, the sport's community continues to flourish. Lunar's support has created an inclusive and vibrant environment for Padel enthusiasts to thrive. The partnership has ignited a remarkable journey of growth and success with Lunar's unwavering support. This inspiring collaboration exemplifies the power of unity and serves as a shining example of what can be achieved when passion and support come together.

Lunar 💚 Padel

Taking it a step further, Lunar's profound passion for padel resonates within the work environment across all countries. Alongside the sponsorship, Lunar actively engages in the sport, fostering a vibrant atmosphere by organizing internal tournaments for its dedicated staff.