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We got our own banking license - and can give you better features faster

A letter from Lunar Way’s CEO and CBO.

We’re proud and happy to be able to tell you that we’ve received our own European banking license.

The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority don’t just hand these out to anybody. It’s actually the first time in 10 years that a bank built from scratch gets a license in Denmark. We’re also the first Danish-based fintech and the first of our kind in the Nordics to get this stamp of approval. We’re pretty proud about that!

But why do we even want a banking license? Because from now on, we will control the entire process. This enables us to provide you with new and exciting products and features quicker - especially the ones you have been asking for the most.

So are we done challenging? Not at all. Actually, to the contrary. With a banking license of our own, the competition with traditional banks is on an even playing field now. It’s part of our DNA to rethink the way we do banking.

So how does this affect you? When you wake up tomorrow, everything will be as usual. But only for a little while. We’re already building, testing and developing. Maybe you’ve already discovered that we’re handpicking and entering collaborations with some of the best within insurance, investments and loans? Safe to say, there will be much more of that in both Denmark, Norway and Sweden. We want to be the #1 financial marketplace of the Nordics.

We promise to share the process of building our bank with you; In memes, blog posts, emails and much more. Keep an eye on our blog and social media platforms to stay updated on the latest news.

We want to finish this letter by thanking you and the rest of Lunar Way’s users. Without your support, commitment and belief in our vision, we wouldn't be here today.❤️

Now we enter a new chapter. Strap yourself in - the journey is only just beginning. 🚀

Best regards,

Ken Villum Klausen, Founder and CEO of Lunar

Peter Smith, (former) CBO of Lunar