We offer a straightforward loan if you happen to need extra cash. It's easy, secure, and completely free from hidden fees.

  • 0 DKK in fees and setup

  • Loan up to 350.000 DKK securely

  • Apply in the app and get quick reply

Take control and get healthier finances

You decide what you can pay each month when you apply for a loan at Lunar. The goal is that your finances are healthy, so you can spend your money on what's important to you.

Other banks will tell you how much you need to pay off when you apply for a loan. Lunar asks you what you can pay - and will tell you how long it will take to pay back.

No fees. No commitment. Get rid of your loan easily.

You can let go of your loan whenever you'd like without tying your money to us and without any unreasonable fees. You can deposit extra when you want to save money. You can easily see what you will save if you pay back faster, and thus do what's best for you.

Get a loan that's easy to understand

You won't have to read anything in fine print - we're completely open about our prices and terms, and we'll help you understand it too.

  • Loan between 4.000 and 350.000 DKK
  • Pay it off for up to five years
  • 0 DKK in fees and setup
  • APR between 5-20%
  • Pay before time and get it out of the way cheaper

Postpone or split your payment

Is your account empty at the end of the month?
Then, there's help to be found at Lunar. With Pay Later, you can postpone or split payments on up to 10.000 DKK - no matter what kind of expense it is. That will give you some financial breathing room, if you made a purchase that was a bit too expensive or got an unexpected bill, for example.


  • 1

    Get the app and sign up for Lunar

    You will get an account, a good-looking card, and the app that gives you control. Completely free. And you won't need to switch banks.

  • 2

    Apply for a loan directly in the app

    Tell us how much you'd like to loan and how much you want to pay back each month. The most important thing for us is that your finances are healthy. That's why we'll as a couple of questions when you apply for a loan. And why we sometimes say no.

  • 3

    You will get an offer quickly

    Most often, the loan offer will come within 24 hours. It's non-binding and will give you the full overview of the loan and the fine print, so you know what you will pay. There's 0 DKK in fees and setup.

  • 4

    Approve with NemID and receive the money

    Du får pengene på din konto, så snart du har godkendt med NemID. Du kan indbetale på lånet så ofte du vil, og dermed forkorte løbetiden og spare penge.

    You will get the money into your account once you've approved with your NemID. You can pay off the loan as often as you'd like and thus shorten the duration of the loan and save money.


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