Pay Later


  • Postpone or split up to 10.000 DKK

  • Flexible and transparent

  • Fixed price - no hidden fees

With Pay Later you no longer have to fear checking your account at the end of the month. Get more flexibility in your finances when you shop and when unforeseen bills dump into your mailbox.

Get greater budget range

You have probably tried it: Using your Visa card one time too many or paying a very high bill. It can put your account off course. In those situations, we can help you get more financial leeway.

With Pay Later you can postpone a payment to the following month or split it over 3, 6 or 12 months. And that applies up to 10.000 kr.

When you e.g. have made a purchase or paid an expensive bill, we will deposit the money into your account as a credit at a fixed price. It is easy, flexible, and transparent.

Go back in time and postpone or split

You can postpone or split transactions that are up to 30 days old.

It gives you more leeway if your account is tied up or if it suffers from an expense you had a few weeks ago.

Applies to all types of expenses

You have the freedom to postpone or split your payment, whether it’s a new computer, supermarket shopping, an electricity bill or something completely different. Pay Later covers all types of expenses.

And when you shop, it’s not only at certain merchants you can choose to pay later. You can do this with the vast majority of purchases made both online and offline.

Financial health now and in the future

With Pay Later you get full transparency. In the app, you can easily calculate exactly what it will cost to postpone or split your payment. And with notifications, we help you keep track of the money so you always know what and when to pay.

We also want to make it as easy as possible for you to get rid of your credit again. If you have a little extra money on your account, you can therefore always pay off more - and at the same time save interest.


  • 1

    Sign up for Lunar for free

    Download the Lunar app and sign up in minutes. You get an account, a stylish black Visa card and Denmark's best banking app. It’s completely free and you can easily use us as your second bank.

  • 2

    Apply for Pay Later

    Once you are a Lunar user, you can apply in the app. You must answer some questions about your finances and you can’t be RKI listed. We expect to be able to give you an answer on the application within 24 hours.

  • 3

    Select the payment you want to postpone or split

    Once approved for Pay Later, the activation is easy. You just select the transaction you want to postpone or split and you will receive the money in your account right away.